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Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars
Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars Box Art
Developer Crave Entertainment
Publisher Crawfish Interactive
Platforms Game Boy Color
Languages English
Genre Sidescroller

Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars is a sequel to the shooter game Godzilla: The Series developed by Crawfish Interactive and published by Crave Entertainment in 2000 exclusively for the Game Boy Color. It is very loosely based on the Monster Wars trilogy of episodes.

Story[edit | edit source]

After receiving word of a mutant attack in Nigeria, Randy Hernandez and Monique Dupre went to investigate alongside Godzilla. After getting past the Nigerian military, Godzilla defeated El Gusano Gigante, leading to Dr. Elsie Chapman discovering that it had been feeding on plants used in the manufacture of chemical weapons. Back in New York, Audrey Timmonds reported on a garbage-eating microbe that had gone on a rampage. H.E.A.T. boarded the Heat-Seeker while Godzilla made his way through the city itself. Once again, the military tried to stop him, but were unable to do so. When he reached the Nanotech Creature, he was able to defeat it, and it dispersed from its conglomerate form, leading Timmonds to commend H.E.A.T.'s efforts in defeating the P.E.M.C. Some time after this, Dr. Chapman picked up strange waves coming from nearby New Jersey. She showed it to her colleague Dr. Mendel Craven, who recognized them as faster-than-light tachyon pulses. The team went to New Jersey to investigate, leaving Godzilla to navigate there underwater, battling through scores of submarines and giant cephalopods. He soon came face to face with a Cryptocledius headed the other direction that attacked him with sonic vocalizations. Not understanding what the beast had been doing there, Craven began looking into them, and determined that they were some sort of distress signal emanating from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, and that it had been signaling for 55 million years. Godzilla then trekked through an unnamed city facing the usual opposing forces until he was faced with a Giant Bat that took a toll on him, but he was able to force into retreat. H.E.A.T. then headed for Site Omega, a military outpost in the Pacific. Godzilla then left the city, battling huge rats in addition to the miliary forces. He then walked all the way to Site Omega on the ocean floor, where he encountered more giant cephalopods and undersea attackers. He eventually arrived on the island and fought through yet another military onslaught before coming face to face with Cyber Godzilla, the resurrected cyborg created from the corpse of Godzilla's mother.[1]. She attacked her son with missiles, but was ultimately lain to waste. After Cyber Godzilla's defeat, the aliens that had apparently been around were seen retreating. Anthony Hicks approached Nick and offered him the position of lead researcher on the incapacitated mutations there on the island, but Nick declined in order to continue protecting the mutations that had yet to be discovered.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Unlike the previous game, Godzilla must now be moved forward manually by pressing Right on the directional pad. The Fire Ball and Tail Whip are still mapped to the A and B buttons respectively, but the Fire Ball has been improved by adding a crosshair to aid in aiming. Several new attacks were also added including Foot Stomp, Claw Swipe, and a more powerful limited fire breath ability. The blocking mechanic from the first game has been altered in this entry to not replenish itself automatically. Instead, both the guard meter and Godzilla's health must be replenished by shooting health and guard pickups dropped by some enemies.

Level Passwords[edit | edit source]

Enter the password in order to unlock the following levels.

Effect Cheat
Level 10 QJFGTDSMHS[2]
Final Stage TMPPRRMSTC[2]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Main article: Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars/Gallery.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Most characters refer to Dr. Niko Tatopoulos as "Nickels", a chiding name only ever used in the show by his longtime rival Cameron Winter.
  • Monique Dupre's usage of the French expression sacre bleu, an exclamation of surprise, is misspelled here as sacre blue, which translates to bleu in French.
  • While TriStar's Godzilla, Zilla, and Cyber Godzilla are all acknowledged as male, this game makes the mistake of calling him "she" several times over. This is not an uncommon misconception among people who have only seen the 1998 TriStar film, and witnessed Godzilla laying eggs.


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  1. While G98, Zilla, and Cyber-Godzilla are all acknowledged as male, this game makes the mistake of calling him "she" several times over.
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