Randy Hernandez

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Randy Hernandez
R Hernandez.PNG
Species Human
Occupation H.E.A.T.
Related to Monique Dupre (love interest)
First appearance Godzilla: The Series
Played by Rino Romano

Randy Hernandez is a protagonist on the 1998 Godzilla based TV series Godzilla: The Series


Randy was kicked out of college for nondescript hacking of school computers, but he later came to work for Dr. Nick Tatopoulos. Randy is first seen in the first episode of the series New Family: Part 1, where he is established to be a young, fun-loving computer expert. At first he generally does not partake in dangerous missions, unless Monique Dupre is involved. As the series progressed, Randy returned to school. Randy had a lighthearted rivalry with Mendel Craven, but it dissipated as the series progressed. Randy also had a tendency to reprogram Mendel's prized creation N.I.G.E.L.'s linguistic protocols to give it various "personalities", especially ones borrowed from iconic movies and once even the voice of Craven's mother. Randy is shown to be generally unafraid of dangers faced by H.E.A.T., and assists them on each mission they undertake, during which Randy's hacking skills come in handy with various applications. He frequently cheers Godzilla on in battle. Randy was an integral part of making H.E.A.T. what it is, as it was Randy who named the group, but his original words for the H.E.A.T. Acronym were changed by Nick Tatopoulos and Elsie Chapman to reflect the group's scientific nature, and he painted the iconic "shark face" on the front of the teams boat, which he dubbed the Heat-Seeker.



  • Randy has Bathophobia, the fear of depths.


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9 months ago
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“What are you doing with N.I.G.E.L. you little punk?! Every time I turn around, you’re always playing your little hacker games!”

Anyone remember that line? That was gold.
Godzilla: The Series