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Fox Kids Magazine #36
The cover of issue 36 of Fox Kids Magazine
Art by Fil Barlow (stock images)
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FOX Kids
FOX Kids Magazine

Godzilla: Greenhouse Gas is a simplistic board game. It debuted in issue #36 of FOX Kids Magazine in the fall of 1999, and uses images and loose Godzilla: The Series theming to promote environmentally conscious decisions.


With a user-provided die and player tokens, players traverse a straightforward path from start to finish. Players advance according to the rolls of the die, and may lose a turn, roll again, or move one space ahead or many spaces back depending on the space landed upon. Most spaces on the path are adorned with loosely environmentally conscious actions to justify these occurrences. The winner is the first to reach the end of the path, where they are awaited by Godzilla and his father Niko Tatopoulos in a cloud of noxious green gas.



Weapons, vehicles, and races






  • Despite being branded with Godzilla: The Series iconography, the game uses the logo affiliated with the 1998 film GODZILLA and lacks the TV series' subtitle The Series.


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