Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie (2005)

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Peter Jackson's King Kong:
The Official Game of the Movie
North American Xbox cover art for Peter Jackson's King Kong
Developer Ubisoft Montpellier, Ubisoft Casablanca (NDS),
Phoenix Games Studios (PSP)
Publisher Ubisoft
Platforms Nintendo GameCube, PC,
Nintendo DS, Sony PlayStation 2,
Sony PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Xbox, Microsoft Xbox 360
Languages English, Japanese
Genre Action-Adventure, FPS, Horror, Fantasy

Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie is a 2005 video game developed by Ubisoft as a tie-in for the film King Kong (2005). It was released on various consoles, including PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo DS, Xbox and Xbox 360. The game was released on November 17, 2005 in Europe, November 21, 2005 in North America, and on December 15, 2005 in Japan.


While playing as Jack Driscoll, the game uses a first person perspective, with sections of Skull Island divided into separate levels (displayed as scenes on a roll of film in the main menu). The player must survive against the creatures of the island using various methods such as guns and ammunition dropped in crates by Captain Englehorn's sea plane, spears crafted by the island's natives, and fire. The environment can also be used to the player's advantage, such as setting the tips of spears on fire to burn a patch of tall grass to kill creatures lurking within (or simply impale the creature with the burning spear), smaller animals being used as bait for larger predators as a means of a distraction or to lure into a trap, or simply using stone structures as cover to hide from, evade, or sneak past the creatures.

When playing as King Kong, the game takes a third person perspective, and becomes more focused on combat. The player can now confront larger predators head on, and use features of the environment such as tree trunks, a wall of vines that allow the player to climb, and ledges to swing, as a means of gaining the upper hand in combat, or simply progressing through the level. In most levels as Kong, the player has the responsibility to keep Ann Darrow safe, either by keeping her in hand, or placing her in a safe location when the situation calls for use of both Kong's hands, such as battling a Vastatosaurus rex or pushing a larger pillar out of the way to continue the level.


The crew of the S.S. Venture are preparing to land on the shores of Skull Island, but the ocean's currents are strong. The rowboat carrying Preston, Jimmy, Lumpy, and others, is carried off into a different direction, and then several boulders fall onto the rowboat carrying Jack, Ben Hayes, Ann Darrow, Carl Denham, and another sailor. Later, Jack is awoken by Ann, who informs him they crashed onshore, and the sailor was killed. She, Jack, Hayes, and Carl then leave the wreck of their boat to find higher ground, where Captain Englehorn, dropped them some supplies from the ship's plane while searching for a place to land. They encounter a group of giant crabs, which Jack and Hayes fight off before heading deeper into the island. They arrive in a system of catacombs, where they are attacked by Scorpio-pedes. They narrowly escape, and are separated after a narrow bridge collapses, leaving Jack and Ann to continue alone. Hayes shouts from across that they'll meet up further down at the top, and instruct them to call the plane. Ann and Jack continue on, encountering more creatures. Unfortunately, they are both captured by the Island Natives. One of them knocking Jack unconscious with a spear. When Jack awakes, his hands are tied to a pillar, and his weapons are gone. He then witnesses Ann being lowered unto a platform, being offered as a sacrifice. Then, from off into the distance, through the smoke, a giant ape appears, and takes Ann into the jungle. Carl then arrives, and unties Jack. Carl also witness the monster carry away Ann, describing the natives chanting the name "Kong". Carl also explains that he and Hayes got separated when they were attacked by the natives. Jack and Carl manage to sneak out of the village, but are spotted by the natives, and run off into the jungle as torched spears are hurled at them. Jack and Carl have a run in with a Venatosaurus and other creatures before catching up to Kong. They briefly see him travel through the jungle, however Kong leaps across a trench to large for Jack and Carl to cross. Carl is then abducted by a large Terapusmordax, who brings him to her nest as food. Jack pursues, and is able to kill the giant flying rodent. Carl and Jack continue, and meet up with Hayes again. After dealing with several Venatosaurus, the three continue searching for Ann. They then hear Preston's crew screaming, followed by a roar. Hayes believes the roar came from Kong, but Carl corrects him, saying "that was something else." The three then meet up with Preston, Lumpy, Jimmy, and more sailors, who are standing above on a wooden bridge. Preston explains that they just escaped "some kind of monster", however the creature is still in the area. A roar is then heard, and a large Vastatosaurus rex appears from behind a stone wall. The creature catches Lumpy in its jaws, and destroys the bridge. Some sailors fall into the trench below, and others escape. The Vastatosaurus rex then turns its attention to Jack, Hayes, and Carl. Jack draws the creature's attention away from Hayes and Carl, who are at work opening a door built by the island natives. After the door is open, the three run through, seemingly escaping the large predator. The creature then makes its own entrance by smashing the stone wall, and the three take cover. When it seems the Vastatosaurus rex has them cornered, Ann's screaming is heard. The creature turns its attention to the direction of Ann's screams, and walks away. Jack and co attempt to follow Ann's screams themselves, however are then separated. Jack is then left to find Ann alone.

Elsewhere, Kong and the Vastatosaurus rex from earlier engage in combat, and Ann is able to slip away during the battle. She eventually meets up with Jack, with a large chasm separating them. However, before they can reach each other, another large Terapusmordax carries Ann out of Jack's reach, but not out of Kong's, who pursues the giant flying rodent. Kong pursues the Terapusmordax to her nest, and battles both her and her mate. Kong emerges victorious, and pursues Ann who, again, made her escape during the fight. He is able to catch her. At first, he is annoyed by her screaming, but upon looking at her, her beauty makes him begin to fall in love with her.

Meanwhile, Jack is then able to regroup with Carl and Hayes in a large canyon, where a herd of Brontosaurus are passing through. During their journey to escape the canyon, another Vastatosaurus rex causes the Brontosaurus to stampede. The three manage to barely escape the massive predator. Later on, they manage to find and rescue Jimmy, a young sailor from their ship. Shortly after, the island's natives find them. After evading their traps, they escape by boarding two rafts to travel down a river. While drifting down, Jimmy informs them the rest of the sailors who set foot on the island are all dead. They and Ann are the only ones left. However, things get worse, as two Vastatosarus rex begin to pursue them down the river. Jack is able to hold them off at bay, and they seemly escape by passing through a tunnel too small for the dinosaurs to enter. However, one of the two goes around, and the rafts are now heading straight toward the giant predator. Suddenly, Kong arrives, unaware of the four men's presence. He and the V-Rex battle, with Ann able to escape again. Kong kills the V-Rex, but overhears Ann scream as two more see her. Kong manages to arrive just in time, and kill the two V-Rexes. Here, Ann begins to realize Kong has no intention of killing her.

As Jack and co travel through the island's swamps, Kong protects Ann from more of the island's creatures. After rescuing her from another Vastatosaurus rex, Jack and co manage to catch up. Hayes opens fire, angering Kong. Kong then charges toward them, and causes them to fall into a large chasm by turning the giant tree limb across the chasm that the humans are standing on. Miraculously, the group survives the fall, except Carl's camera is lost. Carl, heartbroken, informs the rest he's heading back to the Venture.

Later, Kong protects Ann from the island natives, but is caught of guard and pushed off a cliff by another Vastatosaurus rex. The dinosaur chases Ann, who is rescued by Jack. Ann then reunites with the rest of the group.

After traveling through more of the island to find a stretch of water for Captain Englehorn's plane to land, they finally reach one. Englehorn lands, but is chased off by a Vastatosaurus rex before the group can board. The V-Rex then turns its attention to the four, and pursues, managing to corner them. Ann manages to climb a huge pillar nearby, and light the huge urn on top, summoning Kong. When Kong arrives, he and the V-Rex roar at each other. Kong grabs hold of Ann to keep her safe, but Hayes opens fire, demanding Kong release her. The V-Rex charges, crushing Hayes with its huge foot, to Jimmy's horror. The V-Rex pushes Kong and itself off a nearby cliff. Surviving the fall, the two battle. With Ann throwing torched spears at the dinosaur to aid Kong. However, immediately after Kong kills the V-Rex, another giant Terapusmordax abducts Ann. Kong pursues, and kills the flying rodent and her mate. Kong and Ann then stumble across three Vastatosaurus rex. Kong battles and kills the three, and moves on with Ann.

Back to where the fight with the previous Vastatosaurus rex began, Jimmy and Jack watch Hayes die from his wound. His last words are instructing Jimmy to get back to the ship. After fighting off scavenging Venatosaurus and other creatures, they make it back to the stretch of water, where Englehorn lands. Jimmy climbs aboard the plane, but Jack decides to stay, and rescue Ann. Jimmy and Englehorn wish him good luck, and fly off.

Jack then travels to a abandoned temple on top of the highest mountain of the island, Kong's lair. Fighting off more Terapusmordax (these looking more rodent-like then the vampire-like look of the previous ones) and a juvenile Vastatosaurus rex, Jack reaches Kong, who is sleeping. Jack quietly gets Ann, and they make way for the exit. However, a large sea serpent emerges, causing Ann to scream, awakening Kong. Kong battles the serpent, and its reinforcements, while Jack and Ann run off. The two run through the island, retracing several levels the player has already played, being chased by Kong. They eventually reach the massive wall, where the whole adventure started. Unfortunately, Ann is captured by the natives again, who prepare to execute her. Kong, battling the native forces, rescues her. When Kong reaches the beach, he is gassed into slumber by the Venture's surviving crew. Jack, Ann, and Carl, who organized the plan, watch Kong's unconscious body, with Carl boasting that, in a few months, New York City's Broadway will showcase Kong: The 8th Wonder Of The World!

Some time later, in the Big Apple, Kong is chained to two pillars, behind curtains. With Carl as the host of the show, the curtains pull back, revealing the massive ape to the in awe audience. However, Kong breaks free, and begins a rampage through the city. After being met with military resistance, Ann runs to Kong, forcing the military to hold their fire. Kong, happy to see Ann's familiar beautiful face, takes Ann up in his hand. To escape the military, Kong climbs the highest point in the city, The Empire State Building. At the top, Kong is met with firepower from Curtiss F8C-5/02C-1 helldivers. Kong, unable to defeat them, is shot down. Before his fall, Kong looks at Ann one last time, but his strength fails him, and he falls to his demise, to Ann's horror.

At the foot of the tower, Kong's dead body lays, with an crowd surrounding his body. A police officer begins to tell the crowd to move along; the airplanes got him. However, in the crowd, Carl states "It wasn't the airplanes, it was beauty killed the beast."

Alternative ending

The game also features an unlockable Alternative Ending level, earned by replaying completed levels and scoring 100,000 points. In this version, the level starts the exact same as the final level with Kong on the Empire State Building. However, the perspective switches to Jack and Englehorn, as they pilot Englehorn's plane to stop the other planes from shooting down Kong. The first objective is to take out searchlights on the building, serving as distance limits for the other planes, to keep them out of Kong's reach. After having a dog fight with the rest of the planes, Kong climbs back down the building to safety.

A cutscene then plays of the Venture returning Kong to Skull Island, with Englehorn's plane gliding by Kong, roaring triumphantly on his mountain top.

If the player fails the level, the ending will play out as it does in the normal game, and the player will restart the level.




Weapons, vehicles, and races


Peter Jackson's King Kong PlayStation 2 trailer
Peter Jackson's King Kong Xbox 360 trailer
Peter Jackson's King Kong Xbox 360 trailer
Wikizilla: YouTube Wikizilla gameplay livestream
Wikizilla: YouTube Wikizilla livestream highlights

Release dates

  • November 17, 2005 (PAL; GameCube, PS2, PC, & Xbox)
  • November 21, 2005 (North America; Nintendo DS, GameCube, PS2, PC, Xbox & Xbox 360)
  • December 2, 2005 (Europe; Nintendo DS)
  • December 2, 2005 (PAL; Xbox 360)
  • December 15, 2005 (Japan; GameCube, PS2, PC, & Xbox)
  • December 15, 2005 (Australia; Nintendo DS)
  • December 16, 2005 (PAL; PlayStation Portable)
  • December 20, 2005 (Australia; PlayStation Portable)
  • December 20, 2005 (North America; PlayStation Portable)



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