Gamera: Gyaos Destruction Strategy

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Gamera: Gyaos Destruction Strategy
Gamera: Gyaos Destruction Strategy box art
Developer Sammy
Publisher Sammy
Platforms Nintendo Super Famicom
Languages Japanese
Genre Strategy

Gamera: Gyaos Destruction Strategy (ガメラ ギャオス撃滅作戦,   Gamera: Gyaosu Gekimetsu Sakusen) is a 1995 strategy game developed and published by Sammy for the Nintendo Super Famicom. It was released as a tie-in for Gamera the Guardian of the Universe, released that same year.


Much like Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters for the NES, Gamera: Gyaos Destruction Strategy is a real-time strategy game in which the player pits the JSDF against Gamera and Gyaos, luring them into a cluster of four blue squares with military units. At the same time, the player must position units, evacuate key personnel, and protect cities. A game over occurs if either the base (brown square) gets destroyed, too many buildings are damaged, or if the player gets the monster into the trap before the preparations are finished (which will be indicated via time at the top of the screen - when it's done, the trap is ready). All game over conditions can actually be turned off when the player first starts the game.

The player must switch to close-up view on the yellow flags, open up the menu use the third command to send a helicopter to pick up people and gain points that can be used to upgrade weapons. When the arrow is green, the units have a good chance of intercepting the monster. If the arrow is red, the weapon will not arrive on time. White means everything is normal. During a mission, if the player opens up the menu on the map and picks the last option they can talk to Dr. Aoki in the command room and if they have enough money ask him to develop a new weapon for the next level.


The player starts with four conventional weapons and can unlock 5 special weapons and one unit for rescuing people.


Based on the Type 90 Tank, the player can place these in the path of the monster to lure it in the opposite direction that they're pointed in. If the player enough tanks, it will either force the monster in the direction it's pointed or ultimately be useless.


Based off of some kind of self-Propelled Multiple-Rocket Launcher system. Similar to the tanks, the number put in a battalion can either lure or repel a monster.


Based off the Mitsubishi F-15J, these are the most expensive of the normal units, but also the most effective. They force the monster in the direction pointed. The more you have in a volley the more you can follow and attack a monster before running out of ammo. They have a disadvatnage as they have to constantly make turns to reposition themselves and can miss their chance to attack a monster.


Guided Missile based off of the Type 81 Missile, these are used to force the monster in another direction. They are the cheapest weapon to buy but timing is difficult as a single missile must blow up one space away from a monster so the blast can redirect the monster. They blow up buildings and the number of missiles indicates the area. The more missiles used in a volley the bigger the blast radius is making it easier to hit a monster but also causing more destruction to the area.


An energy tank that can be unlocked, it rapidly fires orange energy rings from it's dish.


Another energy tank that can be unlocked that fires blue energy bolts from it's cannon.


Fighter jets armed with cannons that rapid fire pulsed blue energy bolts. Like the F-15, they have to constantly reposition themselves.


An aircraft version of the MF-X that is actually a VTOL that can float above buildings, bridges and water. It's ability to hover gives it an advantage over the other aircraft as it doesn't need to turn in wide circles to constantly reposition itself, allowing it to always be ready to ambush a monster.


Short for Tactical Satellite Laser Beam, this weapon is a satellite that positions itself above the current stage and fires down a powerful yellow laser that destroys 13 map spaces of an area in a flower pattern. It does not need to be aimed as it will automatically lock onto and fire upon a monster the instant the player chooses it in the weapons menu.


Based off of the AH-64 Apache, strangely this unit is not used as a weapon but to rescue people from the area.


Stage 1 Erimo

After waking up and freeing himself from his rocky enclosure, Gamera swims towards Hokkaido. Showing up just off the coast of the town Erimo, the JSDF plan to force the giant turtle's direction to the southernmost point of the cape near it's lighthouse. Realizing the creature's importance to the field of science, the JSDF plan to use a truck to launch a giant steel net and capture Gamera.

Stage 2 Tokai

After breaking free of the net, Gamera made his way to off the coast of the Tokai sub-region, towards a nuclear power plant. The JSDF enact a plan to redirect the monster in an attempt to trick Gamera into electrocuting itself by walking into a cage made out of the power lines, resulting in either his incapacitation or death by 1 million volts.

Stage 3 Kawasaki

Having survived the power lines, Gamera reappears off the coast of Kawasaki heading to the industrial area. Stunned by his ability to fly, the JSDF decide Gamera is too powerful to capture and contain. The devise a new plan to direct the kaiju towards an oil refinery, where an F-15 Eagle will drop a Cadmium bomb to flash freeze Gamera and a second F-15 Eagle will drop a napalm bomb to blow up the oil refinery and Gamera within it.

Stage 4 Izu Oshima

(Note: simply referred to as Oshima in the game) Stunned once again, this time by Gamera's ability to feed off of fire, the JSDF conclude that they can not destroy Gamera. The JSDF instead enact Z-Plan, using fires to lure Gamera to the island of Izu Oshima; they plan to lure Gamera into a capsule on top of a rocket hidden underground that will close around the fire elemental. Then they will launch him into space with the Z-Plan Rocket, finally freeing the world from his rampage.

Stage 5 Fukuoka

Although the Z-Plan Rocket successfully launched Gamera into space, a meteor struck the rocket and capsule freeing the monster and allowing him to return to Earth. Meanwhile the JSDF learn about a new monster they most deal with, Gyaos. The winged bat-like monster is heading for the city of Fukuoka. The JSDF enact a plan to lure the creature into the Fukuoka PayPay Dome and use it as a giant bird cage.

Stage 6 Osaka

Gyaos escaped the stadium before Gamera could kill it. Meanwhile the mysterious obelisk that was atop Gamera's "atoll" had been translated, declearing Gamera as "the last hope" and Gyaos as "the shadow of evil." The JSDF track Gyaos down in the city of Osaka. The plan is to lure Gyaos near Osaka Castle with artificial blood to keep it still long enough to fire upon and minimize damages and casualties as two ballistic missiles are launched at the creature.

Stage 7 Shizuoka

(Note: misspelled as Sizuoka in game) Gyaos survives the two missiles and flies into the Shizuoka Prefecture with Gamera in hot pursuit. The JSDF, foolishly still seeing Gamera as a threat, shoot him out of the sky with missile launchers. Gamera survives and the JSDF plan to finish him off on the ground with more missile trucks.

Stage 8 Tokyo

Gamera survives the onslaught, destroying the missile launchers in defense but Gyaos takes advantage of the situation to attack a weakened Gamera, forcing him to retreat. With the guardian monster leaving to heal his wounds, Gyaos makes her way to Tokyo to make a nest. Meanwhile, a girl by the name of Asagi Kusanagi tries to reason with the JSDF and convince them that Gamera is not an enemy but an ally. The JSDF get ready to launch Type 81 Missiles at Gyaos.

Stage 9 Tokyo

Gyaos flew around Tokyo Tower, confusing the missiles' guidance systems, causing them to crash into the tower, the creature now using the remains as it's nest. Gamera suddenly appears, ready to finish the fight once and for all. The JSDF, all out of options, decide to direct Gamera towards Gyaos in a desperate attempt to kill the Gyaos once and for all. Players should note that the stage has been rebuilt and any building Gyaos destroyed in stage 8 do not stay destroyed in stage 9.



Gamera: Gyaos Destruction Strategy commercial


  • Every stage is a reference to the events of several Gamera films.
    • Gamera first making landfall in Hokkaido near a lighthouse in stage 1, Gamera being shocked by a one million volts from the power lines at a nuclear power plant in stage 2, the cadmium bomb used in stage 3 to flash freeze Gamera and his subsequent feeding off fire and Stage 4's plan to lure Gamera onto Izu Oshima and use the Z-Plan Rocket to launch him into space and its subsequent destruction by a meteor are all references to Gamera the Giant Monster.
    • Although the trap and location are completely different, in stage 6 the JSDF use artificial blood to lure Gyaos into a trap, a clear reference to Gamera vs. Gyaos.
    • Stage 3's oil refinery blowing up and reviving Gamera, Stage 5's plan to trap Gyaos into the Fukuoka PayPay Dome, the JSDF shooting Gamera out of the sky and Gyaos subsequent attack on him in stage 7, Super Gyaos tricking missiles into destroying Tokyo Tower in stage 8 and Gamera's final showdown with Super Gyaos in Tokyo on stage 9 are all references to Gamera the Guardian of the Universe.


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