Z-Plan Rocket

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Z-Plan Rocket
Z-Plan Rocket
Length N/A
Targets Gamera
Piloted by N/A
First appearance Gamera the Giant Monster

The Z-Plan Rocket (Zプランロケット, Z-Puran Roketto) is a fictional spacecraft that appeared in the 1965 and 1966 Gamera films Gamera the Giant Monster and Gamera vs. Barugon, respectively.


Showa era

Gamera the Giant Monster

After several failed attempts to stop Gamera, Dr. Hidaka meets with several representatives from the United States and the Soviet Union to come up with a new operation to stop the giant turtle's rampage. They formulate Z-Plan and preparations are hurriedly put into place to carry it out. Gamera reappears, making landfall in Tokyo and causing immense amounts of death and destruction. To buy some time, the JSDF send trains full of petroleum to preoccupy the monster and put a halt to the mayhem. At night, petroleum is put into the ocean, a trail leading from Tokyo Bay all the way to an island, Izu Oshima. The trail is ignited, attracting Gamera to the flames and leading him away from the city and to the island.

Partway through the journey, a typhoon starts and puts out the flames. Toshio, a young boy who managed to sneak on the island to see Gamera, sets several tents on fire but the storm intensifies and extinguishes them. Just when it seemed the mission was a failure, the island's volcano, Mount Mihara, experiences a minor eruption, attracting Gamera to Izu Oshima again. The next morning, flames are shot out of the exhaust ports of an underground missile silo. As Gamera makes his way to its center, the ground opens up and two halves of a capsule enclose around him. The capsule is attached to the nose cone of a rocket, the Z-Plan Rocket, and is elevated above ground. A countdown begins and despite Gamera's immense strength, he cannot break free. The Z-Plan Rocket successfully lifts off with Gamera as its cargo with no problems and leaves Earth's atmosphere, heading for the Red Planet, Mars. At last, Gamera had been stopped.

Gamera vs. Barugon

For six months the Z-Plan Rocket traveled through the vacuum of space, acting as Gamera's prison. But it would never reach its destination, as a meteor would crash into the vessel. After a violent explosion, Gamera was free and flew back to Earth like a flying saucer. His next adventure had just begun.



The Z-Plan Rocket is capable of flight.

Space travel

The Z-Plan Rocket is capable of space travel.


The Z-Plan Rocket can contain Gamera.

Video games

Gamera: Gyaos Destruction Strategy

Although a tie-in for the 1995 film Gamera the Guardian of the Universe and using the version of Gamera from that film, Gamera: Gyaos Destruction Strategy's levels make references to several Gamera films from the past. The fourth level takes place on Izu Oshima, and the trap on this level is the Z-Plan Rocket. Similar to the events of the 1965 movie, Gamera will walk into the area where he will be trapped in a capsule and the rocket will promptly take off. Also similar to the 1966 movie, a meteor will crash into the capsule during its flight in space, freeing Gamera.



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