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Zanon's spacecraft
Leader Zanon
Pawns Gyaos, Zigra, Viras,
Gamera (Temporarily), Jiger, Guiron, Barugon
Homeworld Unknown
Enemies Humans,
First appearance Latest appearance
Gamera: Super Monster Gamera: Super Monster

Zanon (ザノン) is an intergalactic criminal and the main antagonist of the 1980 Daiei film, Gamera: Super Monster.


Zanon's name appears to be derived from the Noble gas element Xenon, which in turn is derived from the Greek term Xenos, meaning "foreigner."


Showa series

Gamera: Super Monster

Zanon came from deep space piloting a massive spacecraft towards Earth. Earth's resident heroines, the Spacewomen, tried to fight against Zanon, but were easily held back by the ship's crew and Zanon's evil Spacewoman, Giruge. Zanon then revealed his plans to enslave Earth, and in doing so released the kaiju Gyaos, Zigra, Viras, Jiger, Guiron and Barugon, setting them upon the Japanese islands. The Spacewomen escaped, and found a boy with a connection to Gamera, who managed to call upon the giant turtle to defend the planet. Gamera headed off to fight the other monsters while Zanon commanded his pawns from above. After Gamera defeated Zigra, Zanon briefly utilized a mind-control device on Gamera, making the giant turtle wreak havoc on a dam, but Gamera eventually broke free after the Spacewomen destroyed the mind-control device. After Gamera defeated all of the revived monsters, Zanon attempted to engage Gamera using his spacecraft. Gamera flew directly into Zanon's spaceship, destroying it and its crew along with himself in a huge explosion, sacrificing himself to save the Earth.



  • Zanon himself is never actually seen, and his presence is only affirmed by his spaceship, and from his communications to Giruge. Zanon was voiced by Osamu Kobayashi.
  • The spaceship piloted by Zanon bears a suspicious resemblance to an Imperial Star Destroyer from the Star Wars series of films, and this was most likely a deliberate attempt by Daiei to attract attention and capitalize on the success of the films.
  • Confusingly, the name Zanon is given to three different things in the movie. It is first used to refer to the alien invading Earth, then used to refer to his ship. Finally, Giruge refers to the kaiju Viras as Zanon, possibly suggesting that Zanon is of the same species as Viras. However, since neither Zanon nor his crew are ever physically seen in the film, there is no way to confirm this.


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Titanus Gojira

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the turtle the friend to the children died


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I swear they stole a Star Destroyer prop.

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