Kong's battle axe

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Kong's battle axe
Kong holding his battle axe in Godzilla vs. Kong
Use(s) Weapon for King Kong,
weapon for the Skar King (temporarily)GxK,
weapon for Suko (temporarily)
Aliases Axe, battle-axe,[1] scepter,[2][3][4]
royal axe,[5] ancestral axe[6]
Height 207.4 feet[7]
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla vs. Kong Godzilla x Kong:
The New Empire
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Kong's battle axe (戦斧,   senpu) is a Titan-sized weapon that appears in the 2021 Legendary Pictures film Godzilla vs. Kong. It is one of many such weapons created by Kong's ancestors which he rediscovers inside a huge temple in the Hollow Earth. He soon wielded the axe against both Godzilla and Mechagodzilla. The axe reappeared in Godzilla vs. Kong's 2024 sequel Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, where it was taken from Kong and wielded by the Skar King. Suko later recovered the axe and returned it to Kong.


In Godzilla vs. Kong and its collaboration with the game Roblox, the weapon is simply referred to as an axe, while merchandise for the film calls the weapon a battle axe or battle-axe. The Terra Virtua website, the art book for the movie, and the collaboration with the games Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone identify it as a scepter. The film's novelization also initially identifies it as a scepter.


Concept arts for Godzilla vs. Kong shows Kong holding a giant bone as a weapon instead of an axe.[8] An illustration used in tie-in media shows Kong with his battle axe and a torch made with a bone; it is unclear if the latter was ever considered for the film.[9]


The axe is made with a Titan bone as the handle and a dorsal fin from a member of Godzilla's species as the blade. It is also wrapped in Godzilla scales.[2]

When charged by Hollow Earth energy or Godzilla's atomic breath, the blade glows blue, similar to Godzilla's dorsal fins when he charges the attack.

When Kong saw the axe glowing for the first time, he placed it in a depression in the ground in the shape of the axe alongside several other axes, causing the floor to glow and pulse with energy and form a design resembling Godzilla.



Godzilla vs. Kong

After entering the Hollow Earth as part of a joint Monarch-Apex Cybernetics expedition to find an energy source capable of powering a countermeasure against Godzilla, Kong came upon a huge stone temple. Inside, he found a gigantic axe embedded in the skull of a fallen Titan. Kong pulled out the axe and held it aloft, beating his chest and roaring triumphantly, then sat down on a giant throne. Disembarking her HEAV, Apex executive Maia Simmons asked where the energy source was, just before Kong's axe began to glow blue. Kong spotted a depression in the ground in the shape of his axe and placed it there, causing similar weapons next to it and the ground to glow and pulse with energy, revealing the sought-after energy source. Apex released a drone to analyze the energy and send its data to the company's headquarters in Hong Kong, where it was copied and used to power the artificial Titan Mechagodzilla. Dr. Ilene Andrews protested, saying Apex couldn't simply take the find of the millennium. Maia retorted that they could do as they wished and had her men aim their guns at the Monarch members, causing the angered Kong to roar at the guards in their defense.

Godzilla, having already swam to Hong Kong in response to a previous activation of Mechagodzilla, sensed Kong's discovery of the energy source and fired his atomic breath into the ground, eventually breaching the temple. The blast disturbed the Hellhawks roosting there, and they swiftly attacked the humans and Kong. After repelling them, Kong dispatched Simmons' HEAV, then grabbed his axe and began climbing through the hole left by Godzilla's atomic breath to Hong Kong. The two Titans did battle once more. Kong tried to hit Godzilla with his axe, but the King of the Monsters evaded and he lodged it in a skyscraper instead. He soon recovered it and shoved its handle down Godzilla's throat, preventing him from using his atomic breath. Godzilla fired again, but Kong used the axe's blade to absorb the blast. Next Godzilla tackled Kong, who drove his axe into Godzilla's leg. Enraged, Godzilla retaliated by throwing Kong into the water, then pulled the axe out of his leg with his jaws and tossed it into another building. Deprived of his weapon, Kong was forced to play defense until he recovered it, then leapt off the building at Godzilla who fired his atomic breath once more. Kong blocked the blast with the axe and struck Godzilla, creating an explosion that knocked both monsters back. The axe's charge faded as Dr. Nathan Lind, having traveled to Hong Kong in another HEAV with Andrews and Kong's young friend Jia, declared that Kong had won the second round.

Round three began and ended quickly, with Godzilla launching a vicious physical assault on Kong and leaving him for dead. In Apex headquarters, the Hollow Earth energy fed into Mechagodzilla prompted King Ghidorah's consciousness, already part of the mecha by way of a skull converted into a supercomputer, to possess the mecha. After killing its creators, it began rampaging through the city. Godzilla engaged his metal doppelganger, but stood little chance due to the energy he had expended breaching the temple and battling Kong. Using the HEAV as a giant defibrillator, Lind managed to restart Kong's heart, and Jia convinced him that Mechagodzilla was the real threat.

Just before Mechagodzilla could fire its Proton Scream down Godzilla's throat, Kong leapt onto its back and pulled its head back, causing it to fire into the sky. Even together, however, the organic Titans couldn't match the machine's strength. Kong picked his axe back up and began swinging it at Mechagodzilla, sending it reeling and eventually toppling it, but it responded by pinning Kong against a building. Mechagodzilla began spinning the blades at the end of its tail, trying to shove them into Kong’s face. Josh Valentine, one of Godzilla's human allies who had broken into Apex headquarters, managed to momentarily stall the machine by pouring the contents of Bernie Hayes's flask onto its control panel. Using this opportunity, Godzilla fired his atomic breath at Kong's axe, charging it. Kong swung his axe and sliced off the end of Mechagodzilla's tail, freeing himself, then continued to swing it until he hacked off its arm. Kong then cut off the mecha's other arm, then its leg. Mechagodzilla fell to the ground and begins charging one last Proton Scream before Kong struck it in the neck, then leapt onto it and tore off its head. Kong held up its severed head and roared triumphantly, having ended the terror of Mechagodzilla. Drained, Kong then slumped down.

Godzilla then roared loudly, drawing everyone's attention. Kong grabbed his axe again and approached Godzilla, and the two Titans stared each other down, with Godzilla displaying no hostile intentions towards Kong. Kong hesitated and then dropped his axe. The two Titans briefly acknowledged each other after which Godzilla roared at him before turning around and returning to the sea peacefully.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

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Kong's axe absorbs Godzilla's atomic breath

Energy absorption

The axe can absorb energy from the Hollow Earth, as well as Godzilla's atomic breath. In their final battle, the fully-charged axe is powerful enough to knock both him and Godzilla back, swung in a maneuver called the Aerial Axe Slash (空中戦斧,   Kūchū Senpu, lit. "Aerial Battle Axe").[10][11] Even before it is charged, it is shown to be able to slash into Godzilla's thick hide, causing him to roar in pain. Godzilla voluntarily charges the axe again when he and Kong battle Mechagodzilla, allowing the ape Titan to quickly dismantle the machine. Kong can swing the axe at a top speed of 62 miles per hour.[7] In PUBG Mobile and in the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Godzilla DLC, it is also able to absorb Mechagodzilla's Proton Scream.[12]

Kong uses Earth Break against a Kamacuras Swarm in Godzilla Battle Line.

Earth Break

In the mobile game Godzilla Battle Line, Kong's special attack as a leader is Earth Break, in which he slams his axe into the ground to damage nearby enemies.


The axe was unable to absorb Shimo's frost breath, causing ice to spread all over the axe and freeze Kong's right arm.

Video games




Concept art

Godzilla vs. Kong

Matt Allsopp
Nick Keller
Unidentified artists

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Raj Rihal
Richard Bennet
Matt Allsopp
Unidentified artists


Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire






  • On the Chinese poster for Godzilla vs. Kong, the axe handle appears to be made of wood and the blade has a different shape than in the movie.[13]
  • Another weapon using part of a kaiju as its blade, the Spear of Anguirus, was also introduced in 2021, in the anime series Godzilla Singular Point. It was wielded by another humanoid character, Jet Jaguar.

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