Giant Electrode

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Giant Electrode
Giant Electrode
Height 40 meters[1]
Width 60 meters[1]
Targets Hedorah
First appearance Godzilla vs. Hedorah

The Giant Electrode (巨大電極板,   Kyodai Denkyokuban) is an electricity-releasing device which first appeared in the 1971 Toho film Godzilla vs. Hedorah.


Showa era

Godzilla vs. Hedorah

As Godzilla waged a losing battle against Hedorah in the countryside and was close to being killed by the alien menace, the JSDF launched a last-ditch attempt at fighting the monster themselves. Inspired by the research of Dr. Toru Yano on smaller Hedorah specimens, two Giant Electrodes were set at either end of the field where the kaiju were fighting each other. After flying away from a fallen Godzilla, Hedorah landed in front of the Giant Electrodes. Three trucks were able to lure Hedorah in between them by flashing their headlights, even though the weapons were not yet ready for use. Just as it seemed Hedorah would walk through unscathed, Godzilla got to his feet and fired his atomic ray at one of the Electrodes, causing them to discharge massive quantities of electricity. A second blast dehydrated the Smog Monster further, and appeared to kill it. Godzilla then tore out Hedorah's eyes and used the Electrodes' power to reduce them to dust.

Nonetheless, the threat was not over. When Godzilla threw a boulder at Hedorah with his tail, a smaller creature emerged from the husk and immediately flew away. Using his atomic ray to lift himself into the air, Godzilla gave chase, and carried the Hedorah back to the Giant Electrodes. As he grappled with it, the JSDF powered the Electrodes on, only for the generator to fail within seconds, resulting in the two devices failing to work. With an irritated roll of his head, Godzilla again powered the Electrodes with his Atomic Breath, this time ripping Hedorah to pieces to ensure its destruction.


Electric discharge

The Giant Electrodes can discharge a massive amount of electricity between them. However, they require a large amount of power in order to do so.


Though the cables supplying electricity to the electrodes are quite fragile, the Giant Electrodes themselves are very durable. Alongside the Moonlight SY-3, the Giant Electrodes are the only man-made devices in the Showa Godzilla series shown to resist Godzilla's atomic ray, taking no apparent damage from repeated blasts.



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