All Toho Mechanic Pictorial Book

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All Toho Mechanic Pictorial Book
All Toho Mechanic Pictorial Book
Publisher Yosensha
Publish date June 14, 2018 (First edition),
July 20, 2018 (Second edition)
Pages 319
Genre Informational; Mook
ISBN ISBN-13: 978-4-8003-1461-1

All Toho Mechanic Pictorial Book (オール東宝メカニック大図鑑,   Ōru Tōhō Mekanikku Daizukan) is a 2018 informational mook covering weapons, vehicles, and mecha from various Toho properties, up to GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters.


The first edition of the book was published on June 14, 2018 by Yosensha and was later re-released on July 20, 2018. Read from right to left, it is 319 pages long.


  • Heisei 平成
  • Interviews ◆インタビュー
    • (p. 52) Toho Mechanic Talk: Showa Volume -The Craftsmen Who Supported Special Effects- 東宝メカニック対談昭和篇―特撮を支えた職人たち―
    • (p. 238) Toho Robot Symposium 東宝ロボット座談会
    • (p. 280) Toho Mechanica Talk: Heisei Volume -The Other Side of Miniature Photography- 東宝メカニック対談平成篇―ミニチュア撮影の裏側―
  • Columns ◆コラム
    • (p. 15) A Trip to Toho M24 東宝M24の旅
    • (p. 49) Born into Military History, Toho Special Effects Completed "Godzilla" 戦記で生まれ、『ゴジラ』で完成した東宝特撮
    • (p. 86) Toho Special Effects: A History of Firearms 東宝特撮・銃火器の歴史
    • (p. 134) Toho Special Effects: Wire Operator Biographies 東宝特撮 操演技師列伝
    • (p. 237) About the Mecha Appearances of Unmade Productions 未製作作品登場のメカについて
    • (p. 292) The Modeler Who Recorded Toho's Special Art: Takashi Naganuma 東宝特美を記録し続けた模型少年 長沼孝
  • Galleries ◆ギャラリー
    • (p. 2) Toho Special Effects Mecha Generations Gallery 東宝特撮歴代メカギャラリー
    • (p. 130) Mechanics of Other Toho Films その他の東宝映画のメカニック
    • (p. 179) "Bye-Bye Jupiter" Gallery 『さよならジュピター』ギャラリー
    • (p. 183) Modeling Studio Beagle Gallery 造形工房ビーグルギャラリー
    • (p. 186) Distinguished Toho Special Art Modeler Takashi Naganuma's Treasured Photo Studio 東宝特美の名モデラー 長沼孝秘蔵写真館
    • (p. 191) Mecha of the "Ultra Star God Series" Which Inherited the Toho Special Effects Genes 東宝特撮の遺伝子を受け継いだ「超星神シリーズ」のメカたち
    • (p. 247) The Heisei Mothra Trilogy 平成モスラ三部作
    • (p. 275) Toho Mechanic Design Works 東宝メカニックデザインワークス
    • (p. 293) Toho War Film Models Gallery 東宝戦記映画模型
  • Productions Data 作品データ (p. 317)
  • Writer Profile 執筆者プロフィール (p. 318)

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