Godzilla Giant Monsters Super Encyclopedia

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Godzilla Giant Monsters Super Encyclopedia
Godzilla Giant Monsters Super Encyclopedia
Publisher Kodansha
Publish date April 20, 1992 (1st Edition)
March 15, 1994 (4th Edition)
Genre Reference
ISBN ISBN-10: 4063042707
ISBN-13: 978-4063042702

Godzilla Giant Monsters Super Encyclopedia (ゴジラ大怪獣超百科) is a 1992 informational book.


The 66-page book is the 20th entry in the TV Magazine Deluxe series (テレビマガジン デラックス) and was published by Kodansha on April 20, 1992. Read from right to left, it's an encyclopedia which focuses exclusively on giving out information on Toho's kaiju.[1]

The fourth edition was released on March 15, 1994.


  • (p. 6) Secret of Godzilla's Body ゴジラ 体のひみつ
  • (p. 8) Successive Godzilla Lineup 歴代ゴジラせいぞろい
  • (p. 12) This is Godzilla's Great Deathblow これがゴジラのハ大必殺わざだ - Godzilla's abilities.
  • (p. 14) Godzilla's Giant Monster Friends ゴジラのなかまの大怪獣たち
  • (p. 22) Rival Monsters Godzilla Has Fought ゴジラがたたかったライボル大怪獣
  • (p. 36) Godzilla Fight Record ゴジラたたかいの記録
  • (p. 48) Super Mechs Fighting Monsters for Justice 怪獣とたたかう正義のスーパーメカ
  • (p. 50) Giant Monsters of Science Fighting the Human Race 人類をおそうきょうふの大怪獣
  • (p. 64) Misunderstood Kaijin あやしくうごめく怪人たち
  • Book credits (p. 66)


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