Godzilla: The Encyclopedia (2023)

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Godzilla: The Encyclopedia
The cover of GODZILLA Great Anatomical Picture Book (Japanese version)
The cover of Godzilla: The Encyclopedia (English version)
Author(s) Shinji Nishikawa
Edited by Akira Sakamoto
Written by Naomichi Tanaka
Publish date
Pages 216
Genre Reference, picture
ISBN Japanese edition:English edition:

Godzilla: The Encyclopedia, released in Japan as GODZILLA Great Anatomical Picture Book (西川伸司が紐解く怪獣の深淵 ゴジラ大解剖図鑑,   Nishikawa Shinji ga Himotoku Kaijū no Shin'en: Gojira Daikaibō Zukan, lit. "Shinji Nishikawa Unravels the Depths of Godzilla: Godzilla Great Anatomical Picture Book"), is a Japanese illustrated encyclopedia of Godzilla kaiju created by Shinji Nishikawa. Serving as a compilation and expansion of a series of columns written by Nishikawa for DeAgostini Japan's 2019-2021 magazine Weekly Creating Godzilla, the book was published in Japan by Graphic-sha Publishing on August 25, 2023.[1] Titan Books will release an English-translated version globally on September 10, 2024.[2]


This illustrated book features the many versions of Godzilla and his monstrous foes from the original 1954 movie to Shin Godzilla in 2016, and even the 2021 animation. With in-depth explanations accompanied by illustrations from renowned manga artist and monster designer Shinji Nishikawa, this 216-page book explores the powers and anatomy of over 100 kaiju, including Mechagodzilla, Shin Godzilla and Mothra! Nishikawa worked on the monster designs for many Godzilla movies from 1989 to 2004, and here he unravels the live-action special effects and theatrical CG animations of the Godzilla franchise in this essential enyclopedia. This comprehensive guide covers the Godzilla Showa Era (1954-1975), Godzilla Heisei Era (1984-1995), Godzilla Millenium (1999-2004), Shin Godzilla (2016), Toho’s animated trilogy (2017-2018), and the animated Godzilla series (2021).[2]







  • Online retailers originally listed Titan Books' English translation as Godzilla: An Encyclopedia of Godzilla, while mockup cover art titled it Godzilla: The Encyclopedia of Godzilla.


This is a list of references for Godzilla: The Encyclopedia. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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