Godzilla on Monster Island (book)

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Godzilla on Monster Island
Godzilla on Monster Island (book)
Author(s) Jacqueline Dwyer
Publisher Random House
Publish date October 29, 1996
Pages 24
Genre Children's book, picture book, fiction
ISBN ISBN-10: 0679880801
ISBN-13: 978-0679880806

Godzilla on Monster Island is a children's picture book written by Jacqueline Dwyer, with art by Tom Morgan and Paul Mounts. It was published by Random House on October 29, 1996.


Following a tropical storm, Varan and Anguirus discover a cocoon half-buried on the beach. Anguirus rouses Godzilla, who uses his atomic breath to drive a hungry Kamacuras and Kumonga away from the cocoon. He notices a helicopter taking pictures of the cocoon, but is distracted by a sneak attack from Gigan. After a brief fight, Gigan retreats.

When Godzilla takes a break from guard duty, leaving Anguirus to stand watch, the cocoon begins to open. Elsewhere, a group of scientists on a floating laboratory dispatch Mechagodzilla in an effort to protect it from the monsters. The machine quickly overpowers Anguirus and Rodan, but is no match for a returning Godzilla. Smoking and losing power, it returns to its base.

Godzilla and the other monsters are stunned when Mothra emerges from the cocoon. All the island's residents gather to welcome her and watch the sun set.





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