Our Beloved Monster Godzilla

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Our Beloved Monster Godzilla
Our Beloved Monster Godzilla
Publisher Gakken
Publish Date March 25, 1996
Genre Reference
ISBN ISBN-10: 4054006574
ISBN-13: 978-4054006577

Our Beloved Monster Godzilla (僕たちの愛した怪獣ゴジラ,   Bokutachi no Ai Shita Kaijū Gojira), or We Love GODZILLA Everytime, is a 1996 informational book.


The book was published by Gakken on March 25, 1996 and has 150 pages. Read from right to left, it contains information on Godzilla films such as brief bios on each monster and release date details for each film (including re-release dates and alternate posters), behind-the-scenes visual effects images from Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, and a history of Godzilla toys.[1]




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