The Art and Making of Kong: Skull Island

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The Art and Making of Kong: Skull Island
The Art and Making of Kong: Skull Island
Author(s) Simon Ward
Publisher Titan Books
Publish date March 21, 2017
Genre Information, Art
ISBN ISBN 10: 178565151X,
ISBN 13: 978-1785651519

The Art and Making of Kong: Skull Island is an informational book about the 2017 Legendary Kong: Skull Island film written by Simon Ward and published by Titan Books. It was published on March 21, 2017.[1]


"The Art and Making of Kong: Skull Island goes behind the scenes and reveals how this monster-sized production was brought to the screen. Featuring incredible concept art and on-set photography, this deluxe book is a rare treat for fans as key cast and crew tell the story of how Kong was given a whole new lease of life."



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39 months ago
Score 1
I feel like I wasted money on this because legendary put more concept art on Artstation and other sites than the actual book. However it did go deeper into the main characters backstory a bit more and what inspired Jordan Vogt-Roberts.


39 months ago
Score 0
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