Gamera vs. Phoenix (1995)

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Gamera vs. Phoenix
Gamera vs. Phoenix
Author(s) Nisan Takahashi
Edited by Tetsuya Watanabe, Toru Tahara
Illustrated by Shuji Yanagi
Publisher Shogakukan
Publish date May 1, 1995
ISBN ISBN-10: 4-09-440411-2
ISBN-13: 978-4094404111
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Gamera vs. Phoenix (ガメラVS不死鳥 (フェニックス),   Gamera buiesu Fenikkusu), also fully titled Monster Battle of Love and Emotion: Gamera vs. Phoenix (愛と感動の怪獣戦争 (バトル) ガメラVS.不死鳥 (フェニックス),   Ai to Kandō no Kaijū Batoru: Gamera buiesu Fenikkusu), is a 1995 illustrated bunkobon novel written by Shōwa Gamera screenwriter Nisan Takahashi and illustrated by Shuji Yanagi. Published on May 1, 1995 by Shogakukan, it is based on an unproduced 1994 film treatment written by Takahashi, entitled Armageddon: Gamera vs. Phoenix.[1]


A new Gamera who emerged from beneath the Nazca Lines fights a giant firebird called the Phoenix.[2]






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