Monsters Are Attacking Tokyo!

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Monsters Are Attacking Tokyo!
Monsters Are Attacking Tokyo!
Author(s) Stuart Galbraith IV
Publisher Feral House
Publish date May 1, 1998
Dimensions 8.2 x 0.5 x 10 inches
Genre Critical Essay and Interview
ISBN ISBN-10: 0922915474
ISBN-13: 978-0922915477
The Incredible World of Japanese Fantasy Films

Monsters Are Attacking Tokyo! is a 1998 nonfiction book written by Stuart Galbraith IV and published by Feral House. Its main attraction is an oral history of Showa-era kaiju and sci-fi films, as told by the actors, directors, composers, cinematographers, technicians, and producers who worked on them.


Mushroom Men! Gargantuan Space Turtles! Evil Brains from Outer Space! Colossal Cuttlefish!

They're all here in Monsters Are Attacking Tokyo! With more than 200 remarkable photos and 50 interviews with the brilliant madmen behind and in front of the camera, Monsters Are Attacking Tokyo! sifts through the goofy and the grand, with behind-the-scenes info on the wildest and most misunderstood movie genre of them all.

What did well-regarded directors like Akira Kurosawa really think about this disreputable genre? How did monster movie actors feel about being upstaged by guys in rubber suits? How did Japan's special effects wizards create those incredible scenes of mass destruction?

With more than 100 capsule reviews and an invaluable Who's Who, this is the essential guide to the best and worst of Japanese fantastic films, from such underrated greats as Gorath, Magic Serpent, and Attack of the Mushroom People - to the wondrously awful Invasion of the Neptune Men.

Godzilla has invaded America and Stuart Galbraith IV's Monsters Are Attacking Tokyo! shows how he and his monster brethren got here.


  • Acknowledgments (p. 5)
  • Table of Contents (p. 6)
  • A Symphony of Destruction (p. 8) [introduction]
  • Fantastic Films in Japan's Golden Age of Filmmaking (p. 17) [essay]
  • Witnesses (p. 34) - Profiles of interviewees.
  • Interviews
    • (p. 43) After the War
    • (p. 47) Up the Ladder
    • (p. 49) The Birth of Godzilla
    • (p. 53) The Old Man and Tokusatsu
    • (p. 57) Kaiju Eiga in the 1950s
    • (p. 59) Ishiro Honda, Kaiju Eiga Auteur
    • (p. 62) Porky & Blackie
    • (p. 64) Dubbing
    • (p. 66) Tomoyuki Tanaka
    • (p. 67) Teruo Ishii & Starman, Japan's Man of Steel
    • (p. 69) The Hardest-Working Men in Show Business
    • (p. 70) Eiji Tsuburaya at War
    • (p. 72) Monster Music
    • (p. 73) Gamera - The Children's Monster
    • (p. 75) Acting with Monsters
  • Interviews [continued]
    • (p. 77) Actors
    • (p. 81) Into the Sixties
    • (p. 86) Jun Fukuda
    • (p. 87) Big Monsters
    • (p. 90) Tokusatsu Part II
    • (p. 92) Comedy Relief
    • (p. 94) Big Fishes in a Little Pond
    • (p. 97) Familiar Faces
    • (p. 99) Invasion!
    • (p. 100) Nick Adams
    • (p. 102) The Case of the Missing Devil-Fish
    • (p. 109) The Tale of Gappa
    • (p. 111) "When He Died, I Didn't Know How to Live"
    • (p. 111) Collapse and the 1970s
    • (p. 118) Legacy
  • Who's Who (p. 120) [additional actor/staff profiles]
  • Filmography (p. 137) [capsule reviews]
  • Selected Bibliography (p. 184)
  • Chart o' Films (p. 186)
  • About the Author (p. 191)



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