Kong Unbound

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Kong Unbound
Kong Unbound
Edited by Karen Haber
Publisher Pocket Books
Publish date November 15, 2005[1]
Pages 288
Dimensions 5.3 x 0.7 x 8.2 inches
Genre Nonfiction
ISBN ISBN-10: 1416516700
ISBN-13: 978-1416516705
The cultural impact, pop mythos, and scientific plausibility of a cinematic legend

Kong Unbound is a 2005 book that compiles essays examining the original King Kong film and its themes by 17 authors. The book is officially licensed through Universal Pictures as a tie in for the studio's 2005 remake.


The book was published by POCKET BOOKS on November 15, 2005 to tie-in with the 2005 film King Kong. It contains 288 pages.

Kong Unbound contains essays by Ray Harryhausen, Ray Bradbury, Karen Haber, Richard A. Lupoff, Christopher Priest, Robert Silverberg, Jack Williamson, Harry Harrison, William Stout, Paul di Filippo, Esther M. Friesner, Howard Waldrop, Frank M. Robinson, Pat Cadigan, David Gerrold, Philip J. Currie, Joe DeVito, Alan Dean Foster, William Joyce, Michael Chabon and Maurice Sendak.


In 1933, Merian C. Cooper, Ernest Schoedsack, and Willis O'Brien created more than movie magic. King Kong is a pop-cultural icon and a central part of American mythology. But more than just another "Beauty and the Beast" tale, Kong Unbound also allows us to examine such themes as:

*The Great Depression and America's place in the world

*Kong as Avatar of Repressed Sexual Energy

*Kong as a Symbol of Slavery and Racism

*Kong as Alternate Paleontology

*The Triumph of Technology over the Natural World


  • Preface by Ray Harryhousen (p. 9)
  • Foreword: Kong Reverie by Ray Bradbury (p. 11)
  • Introduction: Kong Transcendent by Karen Haber (p. 13)
  • Kong Is Us by Richard A. Lupoff (p. 25)
  • Fay Wray, the Pulp Tradition, and the Moral Minority by Christopher Priest (p. 43)
  • The Magic and Mystery of Kong by Robert Silverberg (p. 61)
  • King Kong: A Parable of Progress by Jack Williamson (p. 87)
  • A Myth for All Seasons by Harry Harrison (p. 103)
  • Kong: The First Wonder of My World by William Stout (p. 117)
  • The Myth Goes Ever Downward: The Infantilization, Electrification, Mechanization, and General Diminishment of King Kong by Paul di Filippo (p. 129)
  • Give Beast a Chance by Esther M. Friesner (p. 149)
  • "The Bravest Girl I Ever Knew..." by Howard Waldrop (p. 167)
  • King Kong—My Favorite Nightmare by Frank M. Robinson (p. 183)
  • Dating Kong: The Stop-Motion Animated Rape Fantasy by Pat Cadigan (p. 195)
  • King Kong: The Unanswered Questions by David Gerrold (p. 207)
  • Kong Long to King Kong by Philip J. Currie (p. 221)
  • King Kong: A Kid's Tale by Joe DeVito (p. 231)
  • Rooting Against the King by Alan Dean Foster (p. 247)
  • On Kong: A Conversation Among William Joyce, Maurice Sendak, and Michael Chabon by (p. 261)
  • About the Authors (p. 277)



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