The Pictorial Book of Godzilla 2

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The Pictorial Book of Godzilla 2
The Pictorial Book of Godzilla 2
Author(s) Masami Yamada
Publisher Hobby Japan Co., Ltd.
Publish date December 1, 1995[1]
Pages 199
Genre Reference
ISBN ISBN-10: 4894251175
ISBN-13: 978-4894251175

The Pictorial Book of Godzilla 2 (大ゴジラ図鑑2,   Dai Gojira Zukan Tsū) is a 1995 informational book which features behind the scenes images of Toho monsters aside from Godzilla, ranging from Anguirus in Godzilla Raids Again to Godzilla Junior in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah.


The book was published on December 1, 1995 by Hobby Japan Co., Ltd.[1] It contains 199 pages packed with production photos (only the first 16 being in full-color and the rest in black-and-white) from every Toho tokusatsu kaiju film produced from 1955 to 1995, giving mentions to non-kaiju films such as Prophecies of Nostradamus and The War in Space, and even including a section on Pulgasari.

Examples of content within The Pictorial Book of Godzilla 2 include: the making of and design details of the kaiju suits presented in the book, assorted pieces of concept art (notably for early Showa monsters), sections for superweapons, kaijin and alien races, and columns containing bits of trivia aside from giving descriptions for many of the images contained. The book excludes the monsters included in the previous entry, those mostly being exclusively Godzilla incarnations and related monsters such as Minilla, Fake Godzilla and the Godzilla Tower all the way up to LittleGodzilla. However, with this book being released soon after Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, it includes entries for both Burning Godzilla and Godzilla Junior.


Japanese description from BOOK Database:[1]



  • Toho Monsters General View 東宝怪獣総鑑 (p. 2)
  • Introduction ~ Toho Monster Modeling 41 Years of History はじめに~東宝怪獣造形41年の歩み (p. 14)
  • Contents 目次 (p. 16)
  • Chapter 1: The Dawn (1955▶1962) [黎明期] (p. 17)
  • Chapter 2: Golden Age (1963▶1966) [黄金期] (p. 51)
  • Chapter 3: Maturity (1967▶1970) [円熟期] (p. 89)
  • Chapter 4: Revival (1971▶1983) [再興期] (p. 123)
  • Chapter 5: Renewal (1984▶1995) [平成期] (p. 151)

By Monster [作品別]

By Film [作品別]

Genealogy of Toho Humanoids [東宝ヒューマノイドの系譜]

  • (p. 43) ① 1954~1962
  • (p. 150) ② 1963~1983
  • (p. 199) ③ 1984~1995

Toho Superweapons Directory [東宝超兵器名鑑]

  • (p. 50) ① 1955~1962
  • (p. 67) ② 1963~1966
  • (p. 113) ③ 1967~1970
  • (p. 147) ④ 1971~1983
  • (p. 198) ⑤ 1984~1995

Column [コラム]

  • (p. 23) 5 Snowmen 5人の雪男
  • (p. 42) Change of Mothra モスラの変化
  • (p. 78) Variations of Subterranean Monster 地底怪獣のバリエーション
  • (p. 105) Monsterland 怪獣ランド
  • (p. 105) 10 Giant Monsters Head Toward World Cities 10大怪獣世界都市へ
  • (p. 112) Great Undersea War 海底大戦争
  • (p. 127) Growth of Hedorah ヘドラの成長
  • (p. 131) Toho Monsters That Came From the TV テレビに出た東宝怪獣
  • (p. 132) Toho Champion Festival 東宝チャンピオンまつり
  • (p. 137) Prophecies of Nostradamus ノストラダムスの予言
  • (p. 147) The War in Space 惑星大戦争
  • (p. 152) North Korea's Godzilla: Pulgasari 北朝鮮のゴジラ・プルガサリ
  • (p. 167) Cosmos and Mothra コスモスとモスラ
  • (p. 174) Garuda Unit 2 ガルーダ2号機
  • (p. 181) Yamato Takeru and Susanoo ヤマトタケルとスサノオ
  • (p. 199) Weaving Dreams of Toho Monsters 夢をつむぐ東宝怪獣


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