King Kong: Journey to Skull Island

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King Kong: Journey to Skull Island
King Kong: Journey to Skull Island
Author(s) Jennifer Frantz
Publisher HarperCollins
Publish date November, 8 2005
Genre Early reader book
ISBN ISBN 978-0060772994

King Kong: Journey to Skull Island, also known as Kong: The Eighth Wonder of the World: Journey to Skull Island is a children's early reader book based on the 2005 Universal King Kong film. It was released in November of 2005, and was written by Jennifer Frantz and illustrated by Peter Bollinger and Robert Papp. This book bears the distinction of being written in second person perspective, and treating the reader as the main character.


Skull Island is a scary and mysterious place. Come ashore and begin your adventure - but beware! There is danger lurking at every turn.


You arrive on the distant and desolate Skull Island, passing through its coat of fog and coming to its unstable shores. As you step through the barren catacombs you begin to feel that you are being watched before coming to a giant wall. Beyond the wall is the jungle where the plants become too dense to see through. As you walk you become aware of twigs snapping behind you. You are being followed. You then come across three horrible dinosaurs. Skull Island is a blight on history. It should have disappeared into the ocean long ago, but here it is with its dinosaurs and nightmare bugs alike. Your journey to discover the secret of Skull Island brings you deeper into the wilds, and into a murky swamp. There a horrid sea serpent rises from the grimy water. You move quickly toward the tall mountain looming on the horizon. It fills you with dread. Your heart begins to pound within your chest. At the top, in a rocky lair giant bats fly in swarms through the sky. The ground shakes as a mighty roar splits the air. You could almost feel the breath of the giant beast that made it. There you see Kong as he beats his great fists on his chest and lets out another thunderous roar. He turns his fierce gaze upon you, and you know it is time to leave. You flee with incredible speed back to your boat at the coast and back to safety. Having survived Skull Island, you wonder if you would ever be brave, or perhaps foolish, enough to return.


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