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Universal Pictures Monster
Alternate names Grappling-Hook-Abdomen Scorpion-Feet
Species Nepapede Harpagabdominus
Length 2-3 feet
Allies Other Scorpio-pedes
Enemies Humans
Portrayed by CGI
First appearance King Kong (2005)
Latest appearance King Kong (2005)

The Scorpio-pede is a fictional species of centipede that first appeared in the extended version of the 2005 film, King Kong.


Scorpio-pedes were two-to-three-foot-long, highly evolved centipedes with long, armored bodies with wide, flat tails with venomous barbs on the ends. They used five of their pairs to walk, while the front-most pair served as grazing aids. They were mainly brown in color.


The Skull Island Scorpio-pede was so highly specialized in its traits, that it required classification a new taxonomic family. Scorpio-pedes were most abundant of the Skull Island neopedes. As adults, they lived in colonies, and harvested algae with their sharp pincers from rocks and logs. Their first pair of legs had adapted to aid in the grazing practice, and its back few had been replaced with a flipper-like tail for swimming. They laid their eggs on the underside of leaves overhanging the water, and on hatching, the nymph Scorpio-pedes would live entirely in the water as predators before becoming amphibious adults. Scorpio-pedes were incredibly territorial and would turn on any intruder to their immediate surroundings with their fast-acting venom stored in their tails.


King Kong (2005)

Some Scorpio-pedes attacked the Venture crew, but later retreated back as soon they sensed a Piranhadon coming.


  • Venom
    The Scorpio-pede was equipped with a venomous tail that could cause discomfort to large dinosaurs, and quickly kill smaller animals like birds.


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