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Image gallery for Elasmosaurus

The Elasmosaurus in King Kong (1933)
Alternate names Cave Serpent,
Giant Cave Snake
Species Elasmosaurus
Enemies King Kong
First appearance King Kong (1933)

Elasmosaurus[1][2] is an extinct genus of plesiosaur. An Elasmosaurus appears in the 1933 film, King Kong.


Elasmosaurus is a plesiosaur with a long neck. The depiction of Elasmosaurus in King Kong, possessing an elongated tail significantly longer than its neck, resembles the 'head on the wrong end'[3] version of the creature, a depiction first popularised in 1869 that was later proven to be inaccurate.


King Kong (1933)

When King Kong brought Ann Darrow to his mountain lair, he was suddenly attacked by the cave serpent. Kong set Ann down and struggled with the serpent. The creature wrapped its long body around Kong's neck and attempted to strangle him. Kong pulled the serpent off with all his might and slammed it onto the rocky surface of the cave, snapping its spine and killing it.


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  • Physical capabilities
  • Amphibiousness



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