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Sasori and Godzilla
Species Mutated Scorpion
Length ~300 feet[1]
Allies Godzilla
Enemies Godzilla, Kamacuras,
Kumonga, United States Armed Forces
Created by Scott Ciencin
First appearance Godzilla Invades America
Something approached. He saw it scurrying forward. A bug of some kind. Only - it was enormous! From its head to the tip of its tail, it was practically the size of Godzilla. Was he dreaming?

Godzilla Invades America

Sasori is a giant scorpion kaiju from the book Godzilla Invades America by Scott Ciencin.


Sasori is a mutated scorpion with a shiny black carapace. His exact species is unknown.


Sasori grew to enormous size following an accidental explosion at a Cryo Chemical test site, where scientists were experimenting with changing the sizes of animals and objects. Unlike Kamacuras and Kumonga, he had no interest in gathering food for the smaller monsters mutated in the explosion, and set off on his own.



Godzilla Invades America

Sasori attacked the town of Blackstone, Nevada, during a dust storm, where he was filmed by two teenage boys who made his existence known to the world. Godzilla, lured to the United States by the calls of the younger monsters created by Cryo Chemical, first encountered him in a barren stretch of desert. To the King of the Monsters' dismay, Sasori immediately attacked, though the scorpion was quickly overpowered by his brute strength. Impressed, Sasori intervened when Godzilla was attacked by Kamacuras and Kumonga, blasting the spider with lightning from his stinger and hurling the praying mantis away. Both monsters quickly retreated.

To celebrate their friendship, Godzilla and Sasori romped through Death Valley National Park, wrestling and rolling through sand dunes. After Godzilla played a prank on Sasori, surrounding the scorpion with cacti while he slept, they were attacked by heavily armored fighter jets and a drill-nosed tank called the Grinder. Sasori was unable to crush the Grinder with his claws, and both kaiju were thrown back by the machine's energy field. As they neared a 750-foot-deep crater, they changed tactics, with Godzilla knocking the Grinder on its side, allowing Sasori's stinger to deal a decisive blow. To dispatch the jets, Godzilla swung Sasori into their midst, shooting down the majority with his lightning. The two enraged kaiju stomped towards Las Vegas.

Kamacuras and Kumonga were in the process of trapping hundreds of people in the Las Vegas Strip when Godzilla and Sasori came upon them. Sasori engaged Kamacuras and quickly gained the upper hand, driving the mantis into the webbing closing off one side of the Strip - but with no regard for the people stuck in it. Godzilla, made to understand the gravity of the situation by a psychic boy named Tomo, turned his atomic breath on Sasori. As the scorpion prepared an electrifying counterattack, he was frozen and returned to his normal size by the Deep Freeze weapon fielded by a second Grinder.


Electrical Abilities

Sasori can fire bolts of electricity from his tail. They are both accurate and powerful, able to hit eight fighter jets in midair and knock Godzilla off his feet.


Extreme cold will reverse Sasori's mutation, reducing him to the size of a regular scorpion.


This is a list of references for Sasori. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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