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Rattler (right), Yellowback, and Varan surround Godzilla in Godzilla: Journey to Monster Island
Species Mutated rattlesnake
Allies Godzilla, Kamacuras, Kumonga, Varan, Yellowback, Rodan, Anguirus, Mothra, Battra, Gecko, Gila, Gopher, Chuck, Armie
Enemies King Ghidorah
Created by Scott Ciencin
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla: Journey to Monster Island Godzilla vs. the Space Monster
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Rattler is a rattlesnake kaiju from the Scott Ciencin middle grade books Godzilla: Journey to Monster Island and Godzilla vs. the Space Monster.


Rattler's name references his original rattlesnake form.


Rattler's appearance is that of a gigantic rattlesnake, although his exact species is unknown.


Rattler, in his previous unmutated form, had no discernable personality of its own as it was a wild animal. However, upon becoming a gigantic creature through scientific experiments done on it, he developed a higher degree of intelligence and personality. Despite that, the monster's original predatory instincts still could resurface. He maintained a close bound with his fellow giant serpent monster Yellowback, featuring alongside him in all of their appearances, possibly viewing the coral snake as his brother or twin.


Originally an ordinary rattlesnake waiting to hatch in the Nevada desert, Rattler was among the monsters created by a Cryo Chem lab accident which exposed local wildlife to nanomachines that caused them to gradually grow to gigantic proportions. Kamacuras and Kumonga, among the first of the monsters to reach their full size, traveled to Las Vegas to prepare a larger nest for their comrades, but retreated after confronting Godzilla, Sasori, and a U.S. superweapon called Deep Freeze which could reverse their growth.


Godzilla Invades America

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Godzilla: Journey to Monster Island

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Godzilla vs. the Space Monster

Rattler and Yellowback shared a swamp on Monster Island that King Ghidorah destroyed by drying it up with his gravity beams. When the monsters of Monster Island were corralled to Australia to battle King Ghidorah, the two snakes end up biting into the dragon's wings. While Yellowback became dislodged quickly, Rattler was able to inject a fair amount of venom before King Ghidorah crashed to the ground to dislodge him and bite off his rattle, which he threw at Godzilla's feet. Going missing after the battle, Rattler was presumed dead by his friends and the humans until re-emerging from hiding after King Ghidorah's defeat, where he rejoined Yellowback on Monster Island.



Being a giant rattlesnake, Rattler had a venomous bite that was potent enough to briefly disorient King Ghidorah in the air.



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