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The Glog
The Glog as seen in The Movie Monster Game Instruction Manual
Species Mutated Pollution
Relations Glog Junior
First appearance The Movie Monster Game

The Glog is a blob kaiju created by Epyx that first appeared in the 1986 video game, The Movie Monster Game.


The Glog's name is a parody of the Blob's.


Born from acidic rain falling on radioactive and chemical waste dumped in the California desert, the Glog slowly made his way to a city. On the way, the humans tried to stop him, but all they managed to do was split off a small part of him, which they kept to run tests on. Once he reaches the city, the Glog will either simply cause destruction or attempt to rescue the son born out of the piece the humans took. In the Escape scenarios, the humans managed to capture him. However, no container managed to resist his acidic body and they all corroded away, allowing the Glog to escape.



The Glog has even faster regeneration than Godzilla.

Acid touch

The Glog has an acid touch that corrodes buildings.

Video games



  • The Glog was inspired by the Blob monster from the 1958 film of the same name.
  • The intro advertises a fake product based on him, the Gummi Glogs.


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