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Zoospora attacks Gorosaurus in Godzilla: War for Humanity #1
Species Fungus monster
Enemies Gorosaurus, Manda, Anguirus, MOGUERA
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla: War for Humanity #1 Godzilla: War for Humanity #2
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Zoospora is a fungus monster who serves as the antagonist of the 2023 IDW comic series Godzilla: War for Humanity.


Zoospora is a massive, bipedal fungus monster. It has a large mouth and no visible eyes with its head and back covered in asymmetrical bulges and mushroom-like bumps. Additionally, its chest is covered by growths resembling oyster mushrooms. Zoospora's feet are composed of a network of mycela vine-like tendrils.


Godzilla: War for Humanity

Issue #1

A mysterious new kaiju, Zoospora first made its presence known by attacking Gorosaurus while the kaiju were migrating. After entwining Gorosaurus within its tendrils, Zoospora secreted an unknown substance onto him, temporarily paralyzing him before disappearing beneath the Earth. Following Gorosaurus' recovery, the theropod kaiju changed migration patterns and went on a rampage in the nearest populated area. Zoospora later attacked Manda, who similarly went berserk upon being exposed to Zoospora's secretions.

Issue #2

While Anguirus was migrating through Madagascar, Zoospora suddenly erupted out of the Earth and ensnared the unsuspecting monster with its tendrils. After freeing himself, Anguirus fought back against the fungus kaiju, violently ripping Zoospora's arm off with ease. However, Zoospora simply regenerated the limb within seconds and was able to successfully restrain Anguirus. Using its tendrils, Zoospora pried the the helpless kaiju's jaw open and secreted a purple liquid into his mouth, paralyzing him. Soon after, MOGUERA arrived and prepared to launch an all-out assault against Zoospora. Before the mecha could fire its Plasma Maser Cannon, however, a revived and berserk Anguirus attacked it, inadvertently saving Zoospora. Zoospora then tossed Anguirus out of the way to secrete more fluids onto the downed MOGUERA, which flooded the mecha's cockpit and began affecting its human pilots, who, like the kaiju, began demonstrating uncontrollable rage and madness.


Zoospora secretes an unknown substance into the mouth of Anguirus


Zoospora can secrete a substance that places other kaiju into a frenzied and berserk state and causes them to go on rampages, even if they are otherwise peaceful. This secretion can also induce similar reactions in any humans who are exposed to it, effectively turning them into violent, mindless zombies.


Zoospora can burrow through the Earth at remarkable speeds.


Zoospora features a mass of tendrils stemming from each foot that can be used to constrict and restrain other kaiju with ease. Additionally, Zoozpora can elongate its fingers into tendrils as well.


Zoospora can regenerate entire limbs almost instantaneously, as demonstrated during its battle against Anguirus.




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