Godzilla: War for Humanity #4

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Issue #4
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Godzilla: War for Humanity #4
Cover A of Godzilla: War for Humanity #4 by Andrew MacLean
Written by Andrew MacLean[a]
Art by Jake Smith[1]
Cover by
  • Andrew MacLean (CVR A)[1]
  • Jake Smith (CVR B)[1]
  • Lane Lloyd (CVR RI 1:10)[1]
  • Kyle Strahm (CVR RI 1:25)[1]
Colors by Valentina Pinto
Letters by Rus Wooton
Edits by
  • David Mariotta
  • Jake Williams (associate)
Design by Nathan Widick
Godzilla: War for Humanity

Godzilla: War for Humanity #4 is a comic book from IDW Publishing. It was published on February 28, 2024.[1]


It's an all-out kaiju brawl! Godzilla and Mothra must hold out against an army of monsters under the influence of Zoospora! Meanwhile, things heat up between the kaiju task force as Samantha confronts her mother about holding Minilla's fate in the balance![1]


Crumbling before Manda's attacks, Super MOGUERA retreats from Tokyo. When its pilots pile back into the anti-monster task force headquarters, Samantha berates her mother, Dr. Yuko Honda, for kidnapping Minilla from Monster Island and then abandoning him in a dangerous situation. She compares it to Honda leaving her with her hostile grandmother whenever she wants to "play kaiju scholar." Honda is aghast as Sam quickly leaves. In Tokyo, Godzilla's battle with Rodan is interrupted by the arrival of Zoospora, who ensnares Godzilla with its tendrils. The task force reconvenes, and Dr. Johnny Wiggum proposes destroying Zoospora's roots, as it likely draws nutrients from them. As if hearing him, Godzilla lifts up Zoospora, snapping its roots, before roasting it with his atomic breath. The task force cheers, only for an even larger Zoospora to burst out of the ground moments later. Honda realizes that it can regrow wherever its roots are present, explaining how it can travel so quickly around the world - and indicating its roots have global reach. With her encouragement, Wiggum describes a rainforest fungal network which could deliver messages and nutrients to any tree or fungus in the forest, but Phazon Fullchech dismisses him, seeking a different approach. Honda takes a call from her mother, asking for advice on how to talk to Samantha, but she refuses. Honda watches Godzilla strive to protect Minilla and reflects on how little help her mother's tough love was to her as a child. She resolves to fight Sam.

Mothra distracts Zoospora with antennae lasers, only to be quickly ensnared and brainwashed. Barry and Fullchech assess the damage to Super MOGUERA, with its exposed nuclear reactor of particular concern, when Star Falcon suddenly separates from the rest of the mecha and takes off. Godzilla struggles to fend off Rodan, Mothra, Gorosaurus, Manda, and Anguirus as Zoospora picks up a terrified Minilla. Colonel Elise Guerrero attempts to hail Star Falcon to no avail, and Fullchech assumes that Honda stole the craft. But Honda is looking for Sam to apologize - and after meeting up with the rest of her team, they realize Sam is piloting Star Falcon. Just before Zoospora can brainwash Minilla, she opens fire on it, causing it to drop the young kaiju. The task force's cheers quickly turn to despair as Zoospora snatches Star Falcon out of the air. As Honda tries to talk to her, the Shobijin materialize before the task force, telling them that humanity will fall if Godzilla joins Zoospora's forces, and Honda is the only one who can save him and her daughter. She demands that the remainder of Super MOGUERA returns to Tokyo, but Fullchech refuses, citing the reactor. Sam finally turns on Star Falcon's comms, tearfully apologizing to her mother, and Honda's own eyes fill with tears.




  • Dr. Yuko Honda
  • Dr. Johnny Wiggum
  • Samantha
  • Phazon Fullchech
  • Colonel Elise Guerrero
  • Barry
  • Yuko's mother (mentioned)

Weapons, vehicles, races, and organizations


  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Kaiju Task Force Alpha Headquarters
  • Mongolia (mentioned)



  • Samantha refers to Minilla with the singular they pronoun, one of the few instances in which this pronoun has been applied to a Toho kaiju. Minilla was previously called "it" by Dr. Johnny Wiggum in the third issue of this series.


  1. Fraser MacLean is erroneously listed as the writer in IDW's solicitation.[1]


This is a list of references for Godzilla: War for Humanity issue 4. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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