Konga's Revenge #2

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Konga's Revenge issues
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Konga's Revenge #2
Konga's Revenge issue 2
Art by Steve Ditko (Konga),[1]
Don Perlin (And Then Came Man)
Cover by Steve Ditko[1]
Colors by Steve Ditko (Konga),[1]
Don Perlin (And Then Came Man)
Charlton Comics
Konga's Revenge

"Konga's Revenge" is the second issue of the comic miniseries Konga's Revenge published by Charlton Comics in the summer of 1963. It features two comics—a main adventure starring Konga and a backup story called "And Then Came Man"—and a short story titled "Ma Jee The Magician".


"Konga's Revenge"

Konga was gentle by nature, and sought only to be humanity's friend. He owed this in part to his creation by Bob and Sandra, two students from the 1961 film, who recreated their former professor's experiments on a friendly monkey they named Konga, after the ape that killed him and his wife. When he grew too large, the world turned against him, and he spent much of his life trying to find refuge, attacked by humans at every turn. While staying in the South American jungles, he was found by a hunter, who shot him. Konga spared his life, only for him to summon military planes to bombard the ape. In time, Konga stopped trying to befriend humanity, and instead began to fight back. He destroyed tanks and other artillery, and sank any ships he saw. He began to rampage in cities and airports. Konga was out for revenge.

In a university laboratory in California, two newlyweds named Fred and Imogene Jones decided to spend their honeymoon looking for Konga in an attempt to reverse engineer the serum used to make him grow, in order to shrink him down and show him the harm he was causing. This was mainly due to their belief that Konga was still generally benevolent and causing harm by accident instead of launching a counterattack on humanity. Konga meanwhile, was awakened from his sleep on a South Pacific island by a shark biting his finger. He looked up to see a British warship, and attacked it before it could attack him before swimming farther away to another island near the Antarctic Circle. There he was found by the Joneses in a prop plane, which he swiped at to keep them at bay. They flew away, and Konga spent the next month continuing his rampage.

Eventually Mrs. Jones remembered Konga and suggested they try again to shrink Konga with his anti-serum serum. Luckily they knew that the ape was in Tanganyika, where he had been destroying villages. They soon spotted him, and Dr. Jones shot him several times as he slept, and he began to shrink. Jones and his Tanganyikan guide Ngunga crossed a river to search for him. As they searched, Konga grew smaller and smaller, and ran and hid from elephants, snakes, lions, and even the humans' boots which threatened to trample him. Now only three inches tall, Konga fled the jungle to find the scientists' tent, where he was discovered by the temporarily frantic and mourning Dr. Jones. Jones tried to explain to Konga that he had shrunk him to teach him a lesson in how frightening it is for small people to have something large and clumsy and powerful around. Konga promptly bit the man's finger, teaching him how easy it is as a giant to want to crush something so small that causes pain.

Konga was then attacked by a common field rat which was now much larger than he. Konga took up a pencil in self-defense, and despite Ngunga's protests, Jones preferred to let them fight. Konga speared the rat on his pencil tip, and then joined Dr. Jones for a dinner of a single peanut. Jones explained to Konga that he needed to be careful not to injure anyone accidentally as a powerful giant in such a fragile world, and the tiny ape slept beside him on his pillow. During the night, Konga grew back to the size of a gorilla, and snapped the bed beneath him. Before Jones could get clear, Konga was back at his full size, and with his rage subsided, continued on with his gentle, caring nature, taking care not to resent those who harmed him out of fear.

"And Then Came Man"

"And Then Came Man" is a fictionalized account of the planet's history, starting with dinosaurs and their extinction before focusing on the exploits of early hominins. It proposes that an early man named Gort was the first to domesticate wolf cubs, and that his son Amuu invented pastoralism. It further posits that the phenomenon of cooked meat came from a hungry human ancestor eating charred corpses after a forest fire. As humans continued to develop, they began to create art.


"Konga's Revenge"



  • Bob
  • Sandra
  • Dr. Fred Jones
  • Imogene Jones
  • Lord Liverish
  • Ngunga

Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Nuclear bomb
  • Anti-serum serum


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