Kong of Skull Island #10

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Kong of Skull Island
Issue #9
Issue #10
Issue #11
Kong of Skull Island #10
Cover A of issue #10 by Nick Robles
Story by James Asmus
Written by James Asmus
Art by Carlos Magno
Colors by Brad Simpson
Letters by Ed Dukeshire
Edits by Dafna Pleban
BOOM! Studios
Kong of Skull Island

Kong of Skull Island #10 is a comic book by BOOM! Studios. It was released in April 2017.


While at the Citadel, K'vanni recounts to Eesa the Engineer the tale of how her hair turned white. During a holiday many years back, Ewata and K'in went to the mines, where she had been told not to go, but never why, so she went anyway. She was almost immediately attacked by Deathrunners. When she awoke, she found herself hanging in vines above a Deathrunner nest, and witnessed the eggs hatching, before the adult Deathrunners came to watch as well. All she remembers after that was a party finding her, with completely white hair. When she finishes the tale she inquires about the building, shortly before K'in is incapacitated with an aromatic trigger, and Aguul takes her away. Ewata then tortures Aguul's arms maker to learn where he has taken her daughter, and she opts not to take an army of their dwindling population to insight civil war, as that is what Aguul wants, but rather she goes as a mother, and not a queen, and she goes alone. Inside the Citadel, Aguul's followers trap K'in in a pit and prepare to test their new aromatic triggers on him. They pour in a scent that insights madness and primitive instincts to rise to the surface, just as Gret bursts in to learn that they needed his training notes to create a Kong torture camp. They then throw him into the pit with K'in, and he is badly injured. As Ewata treks through the caves to the Citadel, she is attacked by Deathrunners while Aguul's followers throw the aromatic bowls at K'in, who climbs out of the pit to attack them after Gret showed him how to dig footholds. K'in then kills two of his tormentors before breaking out of the chamber and vaulting over the Citadel wall. The one that survived brings the recipe to his superiors. As Ewata surfaces from the cave systems beneath the Citadel after having outsmarted the Deathrunners, and letting them clear the path to her goal, she hears Gret calling for help, and she bashes his head in with a rock. K'vanni then awakens on an altar on a cliff, tied between two posts. Aguul then reveals to her that though it was a hard decision to sacrifice her, it is what the gods wanted to bring peace to the land and to help Ewata and the people see the Kong as a threat. They had been burning incense to attract the Feral Kong, which K'vanni initially mistook for Valla when it came to attack the people with a swarm of Deathrunners.



Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Tagu Kong
  • Atu Kong






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