Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #23

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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth
Issue #22
Issue #23
Issue #24
"Old Rules"
Cover A of issue #23 by Matt Frank
Story by Chris Mowry, Matt Frank
Written by Chris Mowry
Art by Matt Frank
Colors by Priscilla Tramontano
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Sales 6,407[1]
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

"Old Rules" is the twenty-third issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. It was released on April 22, 2015.


King Caesar emerges...but will he be in time to help Godzilla stop the swelling Trilopod hive?


Many years ago, Minette and Mallory are hiding from their mother, who is frantically searching for them despite her butler's protests about the area not being safe. As their mother keeps calling out to her, Kamacuras emerges from the foliage and attacks, only to be stopped by Mothra. As the two giant insects fight, the twins' mother is knocked into a cliffside, killing her. The twins look at her body in horror as Kamacuras retreats with Mothra in hot pursuit. Back in the present, two days before the Trilopod hive landed on Earth, the twins explain to a dormant Battra that to them, their world ended that day. The colors of the world turned dark, and their happiness and joy turned into sadness and anger. When they found Battra being attacked by the Trilopod, they were consumed by rage and driven to destroy the creature. Although their kinds weren't meant to mix, the twins claim that they had formed a bond. They tell him that now that they're so close to exacting their revenge, they need him now more than ever. They touch his mandibles and ask him for a sign that he's alright. The Black Mothra responds by waking up, with his red eyes brightening up as he emits a loud screech.

Meanwhile, in Okinawa, Lucy Casprell, Kristina Sumres, Jason Ford, and the Shobijin lead a CKR team to where King Caesar is said to rest in. The team plant charges to open the cave as Lucy asks the Shobijin if they're okay. The twin fairies say that they're fine, but Lucy's team needs to hurry as they're uneasy about this plan, let alone the fact that something else is coming for King Caesar. Lucy asks the CKR leader what she needs to do and if this is the only way to do this, to which he orders her to stand behind the cliffs, as they'll shield her from the explosions. The charges are detonated, revealing a sleeping King Caesar. Lucy asks the Shobijin what they should do now, but the twins tell her that it's up to him to do what he feels like he must, and that they can no longer interfere. The young woman laments that they said this was what needed to be done and asks them how they can say such a thing now. The twins explain that the monsters are part of the world and it's their job to protect it. Nothing on the Earth can control the monsters, and they must trust that the planet's guardians will do the right thing. A stressed Lucy reminds them that Steven Woods and Chavez are heading into danger and they trusted the Shobijin that this plan was going to work. The Shobijin tell Lucy to have faith. The planet is full of life and each living thing is in harmony with each other. When one side falters, another corrects it, and Lucy must believe. Lucy yells at King Caesar to wake up until she's on the verge of tears. As Kristina and Jason comfort her and tell her that the Shobijin haven't let them down so far, the CKR leader reports that central command detected Battra closing in.

On the Cryog mother ship, Emperor Karkaro gloats to Commander Rhizon that the world will burn and its monsters will be broken before asking he really thought it would go any other way if he hadn't stayed hidden. He assures the commander that the Trilopods merely honed in on the monsters, as Orga attracted them when he fled the Solar System as well as SpaceGodzilla, but it doesn't matter if they escape as their real prize is within their grasp: Godzilla. As Karkaro watches footage of a Godzilla-Trilopod, Rhizon tells him that no monster has ever managed to defeat Godzilla, as he always finds a way to obtain victory. Karkaro assures him that the Trilopods will not fail, at least not in their current forms. Even if the Trilopods can't utilize Godzilla's DNA, then his army of creatures will be enough to kill him. If not, then there's always a "last resort." Rhizon asks him what he means, to which the emperor tells him that he'll find out if need be. Karkaro chastises him for his impatience before Rhizon defiantly says that, emperor or not, no one threatens him. The emperor counters by saying that his betrayal is a death sentence and he will die along with Earth. An underling reports that the Trilopods located another specimen, to which Karkaro orders for the creatures to harvest it and bring it to the hive. He orders the fleet to rally with them down in the battlefield as he wants his troops to witness what it means to be a Cryog.

Back in Okinawa, Lucy and her team run from Battra as the CKR team cover their retreat with light anti-tank weapons. They fire several shots at the giant moth, but are quickly incinerated by him. Jason tries leading them to a cave to find shelter in, only to be intercepted by Minette and Mallory. The twins proclaim that this is where they die as Battra corners them. However, he's suddenly kicked from behind and pinned down by an awakened King Caesar. Battra escapes and blasts him with his Prism Beams. As Minette and Mallory express their surprise at King Caesar's awakening, Lucy and her friends climb up a cliff. Battra dodges a claw swipe from King Caesar before he outmaneuvers a blast of the Battra's Prism Beams. King Caesar then pounces onto Battra, slamming him to the ground. The twins cry out to Battra as he's slashed into by King Caesar's claws before being lifted up in the air. However, before King Caesar can finish him off, a Trilopod Hunting Pod crashes right in front of him as the twins catch up to Lucy and her friends. King Caesar throws Battra into an Alpha Trilopod and grabs onto it. The Trilopod tries piercing into his flesh, but is ripped in half. With Lucy distracted by the fight, the twins knock out Jason before restraining the young woman and holding Kristina in an arm lock. King Caesar growls at the twins, only for them to threaten him with throwing Lucy and her friends over the side. They order Battra to quietly ambush King Caesar, only for the dark moth to suddenly fly off. With the twins distracted, Lucy headbutts one of the twins off of her before knocking the other one out and helping Jason to his feet. With the Beta Trilopod closing in, King Caesar scoops up Lucy, her friends, and the Shonijin into his hand, with the fairies telling her to trust him. Minette and Mallory declare their revenge on King Caesar, only to be crushed by his free hand. He allows the Beta Trilopod to knock him out and drag him into the Hunting Pod as the Shobijin explain that in order to save Godzilla, they must go to him and King Caesar will lead them there. When Lucy asks how he knows, the tiny twins tell her that he can "feel it." She asks how they can save Godzilla and the Shobijin tell her that the Trilopod is programmed to return home, and home is where Godzilla is. Back in Los Angeles, as the Cryog fleet enters the Earth's atmosphere, an underling reports that the Trilopod shuttle is returning to the hive and that a massive human strike team is approaching from the east. Karkaro dismisses them as no concern, as they'll soon meet their own forces and their newest weapons. As several Godzilla-Trilopods surround an unconscious Godzilla, Karkaro says to let the humans come to them, as the Cryogs have arrived and there's nothing they can do to stop them. As he says this, however, Jet Jaguar is shown to have survived the nuclear explosions that destroyed the Devonian capital and is swimming straight toward the battle.



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