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Issue #19
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Konga #19
Cover art of issue #19
Written by Joe Gill[1]
Art by Bill Montes (Konga),
Bill Molno (backup stories)[1]
Cover by Dick Giordano[1]
Colors by Ernie Bache (Konga),
Bill Molno (backup stories)[1]
Edits by Pat Marsulli
Charlton Comics

"The Most Ruthless Man in the World" is the nineteenth issue of the comic series Konga, published by Charlton Comics in September of 1964. It features four comics—a main adventure starring Konga and three backup stories called "Get a Marsian Kit Today", "The Dominate Species", and "The Victor"—alongside a short story titled "The Case of the Martian Grammar".


"The Most Ruthless Man in the World"

Yvor Coron was a ruthless man, blackmailing and deceiving his rivals to become the dictator of a Balkan country bordering Bulgaria. He bombed a city in a neighboring country a warning, and with that as leverage bullied other countries into complacency and had them supply him with munitions. As more of Coron's "heavy bombs" dropped and tensions rose, he began building munitions factories deep underground, in hopes of avoiding rival counterattacks. Konga, on the other hand, remained perfectly content on his serene island, far away from humans and their strife. As months passed, Coron grew more tyrannical and unhinged, lashing out at any who questioned his decisions. He bombed a fishing vessel off the coast of Algeria, and flew low over coastal fishing towns, buzzing them with gunfire. He urged his pilot to continue their joyride out over the Indian Ocean in his supersonic bomber jet, and they soon discovered Konga's uninhabited isle, where the giant lay sleeping. He fired a missile at the beast, and the pilot narrowly avoided being swatted from the sky by the delirious ape. Coron gloated over the power he exerted over the beast, sure that his action would yield no consequences. As the plane disappeared northward, Konga stepped into the sea and began to swim after it.

By the time Konga was crossing the Sahara Desert, he had recovered from the head-rattling impact of the missile, and made his way through the Mediterranean before coming ashore near Bulgaria, a country with no borders on that body of water. He destroyed attacking warplanes, and crushed the airfield they sortied from. As he crossed the border, Konga made his way towards the capital city of Smoroenski, absorbing atomic shell after atomic shell. Konga persevered against the staggering blows, as Coron evacuated high ranking members of society into his underground city complex. He ordered the launch of their nuclear arsenal to destroy the great gorilla, but as Konga saw the silo doors open up, he instinctively forced them back down, effectively rendering their missiles useless. Although he destroyed passing planes, when a pilot's parachute failed to open, Konga caught the falling man, and set him down just over the border. Konga then ripped out the power lines to the underground city, disabling life-sustaining equipment and forcing everyone to the surface. Seeing Konga was watching the main entrance, Coron tried to make for his secret airstrip, but the pilot first demanded one million U.S. dollars. Konga then approached, boxing Coron in from all sides until the once-mighty dictator broke down and cried. The people of the country then arrested him, preferring to wait to shoot him until after the trial. Konga, uninterested in human affairs, hurried home to take a nap on his island.

"Get a Marsian Kit Today"

"Get a Marsian Kit Today" is a single-page comedy about a carnival barker selling "Marsian plants" with bushy foliage and scowling faces. One of these eats a dog who came too close, and the text advises the reader not to engage with Marsian plants or their seeds.

"The Dominate Species"

"The Dominate Species" is a short, historic fiction piece dramatizing humanity's struggle to survive in the Pleistocene Epoch. It shows anatomically modern humans developing crude weapons, spears, fire, eating plants and grains, storing food for times of famine and then finally farming. It ends on an image of humans preparing to explore space.

"The Victor"

"The Victor" is a single-page nonfiction piece that posits that mammals drove the dinosaurs to extinction by eating all of their eggs.


The Most Ruthless Man in the World



  • Yvor Coron

Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Supersonic Bomber
  • Heavy bombs


  • Soviet Union
  • Algeria
  • Bulgaria
  • Indian Ocean
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Mediterranean Sea


  • This issue establishes on page 12 that Konga can smell Communism.
  • Despite claims made in "The Dominate Species", when consulting the fossil record, it is believed that humans, like other apes, were initially primarily herbivorous before discovering an ability to eat meat.

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