Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #18

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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth
Issue #17
Issue #18
Issue #19
"All Creatures, Mega and Small"
Cover A of issue #18 by Matt Frank
Story by Chris Mowry, Matt Frank
Written by Chris Mowry
Art by Matt Frank
Colors by Priscilla Tramontano
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Sales 7,065[1]
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

"All Creatures, Mega and Small" is the eighteenth issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. It was released on November 26, 2014.


The ultimate invasion has begun! Battra and Kumonga begin a ferocious battle that could destroy the Monster Islands completely. Meanwhile, Godzilla has his hands full with a new monster he has yet to battle!


Two weeks before the attack on São Paulo, a mining operation in the Brazil Rainforest discovered a cave full of dozens of mysterious blue eggs. A boat brought the eggs to São Paulo as the workers who stayed behind were attacked and devoured by Meganulon, and the glowing red eyes of a much larger creature illuminate the cave. Back in present day, Lucy Casprell reels from her psychic vision in Kristina Sumres's arms as Meganulon continue to hatch from the eggs. Lucy asks what happened, only to have Jason Ford hand his camera to Kristina as he tries to carry the incapacitated woman to safety. Kristina jokes if they can trade as the Meganulon fully emerge from the eggs, climb all over the nearby buildings, and attack nearby civilians. Kristina drops the camera and tries to retrieve it, only to be pulled back by Jason before a Meganulon could grab her with its pincers. A recovered Lucy lands a well timed kick to the giant insect and challenges it, only for their fight to be interrupted by Godzilla and Ebirah. Godzilla grabs Ebirah by its giant pincer and throws the lobster into the city. Lucy and her friends try to escape while the two giant monsters fight. However, the fight is interrupted as Ebirah is briefly swarmed by Meganulon, who pierce through his carapace with their pincers. Ebirah retaliates by cleaving through several Meganulon with his giant pincer. Lucy and her friends try to head to a nearby building for safety, only for Godzilla to stomp it to the ground. Jason spots a car and the trio get clear of the battleground before Godzilla blasts the lobster with his atomic breath. Jason laments the loss of his camera before asking if anyone has a map they can use. Kristina apologizes, but Jason quickly forgives her before commenting that he wanted to document the new creatures. A saddened Lucy tells them that the lobster's name is Ebirah. A shadow flies over their car as Jason asks Lucy if she knows that that creature's name is. Lucy replies with a new name: Megaguirus.

Megaguirus enters the battlefield while Godzilla is busy biting Ebirah's pincer. Godzilla pushes the lobster aside before firing his atomic breath at Megaguirus. However, Megaguirus easily dodges the blast and turns her attention to Ebirah, using her tail stinger to impale the crustacean. Ebirah screeches in pain before Godzilla whacks at the giant insect with his tail before firing another blast at her. The dragonfly outmaneuvers the beam and lures Godzilla further inland as Ebirah retreats back into the ocean. Kristina states that they need to contact the CKR command center about the new Kaiju before asking Lucy to confirm their names. Lucy does so and explains what the Shobijin told her about the monsters joining forces to restore the natural balance and save the planet from an outside force before Kristina asks why they're only appearing now after all that's happened over the years. Lucy suggests that the outside force may have returned before Jason stops an army truck and asks if they can use their equipment to contact command.

Meanwhile, Godzilla searches for Megaguirus deep within the city as his new opponent maneuvers through the tall skyscrapers to set up for an ambush. Megaguirus tries to attack Godzilla from behind, but the King of the Monsters anticipates this and uses his nuclear pulse to smash the dragonfly into a building. As Godzilla roars, however, Megaguirus uses her tail stinger to impale his leg and drag him into another building. She absorbs his nuclear energy from the blood on her stinger and fires a massive nuclear fireball at Godzilla, knocking him unconscious and allowing the dragonfly to carry the King of Monsters into the sky and headed to the northeast. Meanwhile, as Kristina comforts a crying Lucy, Jason explains to Steven Woods about the new monsters and tells him that they'll be heading into the city to find out what the Meganulon are before reporting that Megaguirus took Godzilla northeast. Woods, who's currently stationed in the CKR command center on the Monster Islands, tells Jason that they're moving the satellites to keep an eye on their movements and might send MOGUERA or Kiryu down there in case they return to their position. When asked about Ebirah's whereabouts, Jason tells him that he went out to sea since it probably knew it would die if it stayed on land. Woods tells him to help out with the recovery effort and to keep an eye on Lucy and Kristina. As Woods ends the call, Chavez shows him a massive hole in the rainforest big enough to "hide a monster". Woods orders his men to move out before another operative reports that a perimeter buoy is tracking incoming signals from the north. Woods asks if a drone can fly in to get a better look. When the operative does so, the video feed shows the Mothra larvae, badly injured, heading right for the islands with the Shobijin in tow. Woods orders to clear a spot so the larvae can make landfall and to have countermeasures ready just in case, despite the fact that they won't need to be used. Meanwhile, back in Brazil, Megaguirus drops Godzilla into the giant hole in the rainforest. Godzilla comes to and gets back on his feet, only to be surrounded by Meganulon and Meganula with Megaguirus watching from above.



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