Godzilla 1990

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Godzilla 1990
Godzilla 1990
Author(s) Toshiki Hirano
Illustrated by Toshiki Hirano
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Publish date July 20, 1990
July 29, 2016 (re-release)
Pages 167
Genre Manga
ISBN ISBN: 4-04-852243-4

Godzilla 1990 (ゴジラ1990,   Gojira 1990) is a 1990 manga adaptation of the 1989 film Godzilla vs. Biollante by Toshiki Hirano. Published under Kadokawa's Newtype 100% Comics label in 1990, the manga was republished in 2016.


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Differences from the film


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