Kong on the Planet of the Apes #2

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Kong on the Planet of the Apes
Issue #1
Issue #2
Issue #3
Kong on the Planet of the Apes #2
Main cover by Mike Huddleston
Story by Ryan Ferrier
Written by Ryan Ferrier
Art by Carlos Magno
Colors by Alex Guimarães
Letters by Ed Dukeshire
Edits by Dafna Pleban
Sales 10,592[1]
BOOM! Studios
Kong on the Planet of the Apes

"Return of the King" is a comic book by BOOM! Studios. It was released on December 20, 2017.


"The crossover you demanded continues as Doctor Zaius, Cornelius, Zira, General Ursus, and a fleet of Gorilla Soldiers discover human natives on Skull Island…and the last surviving Kong!"[2]


After 20 days at sea, and surviving an attack by monsters at the shore, the party disembarks on the shores of Skull Island. They plough through the jungle led by General Ursus until they come across some ruins in the jungle. Zira is excited by the signs of life, while Cornelius gripes that they were clearly not made by the giant that had washed up on their shores. Dr. Zaius, the party's leader, is adamant that they seek out life, and ushers the party forward. Zira then discovers a mural depicting one of her species, if not she herself, being worshipped as a god. Before they can ponder these implications, the entire party is ensnared by at least three vicious carnivorous plants. They wrap the simians in their tendrils and nearly kill them before General Ursus and a few of his soldiers break free and shoot or slice the plants away. The party continues onward, with Cornelius questioning their reasons for even beginning the expedition. Zaius, not caring for the scientists' existential crisis, diverts their attention to the valley before them, where a statue of one of the giant apes stands before a large doorway into the rock face. Zaius decides that it would take too long to reach it on foot, and instead orders the party to rappel down the cliff on ropes. However, a small red-feathered theropod watches them from the bushes, and it and its fellows attack those holding the ropes at the top. A giant Pteranodon swoops in for a go at those on the rocks, but Cornelius is able to deter it by hurling a rock into its eye. Ursus and the soldiers are able to kill the dinosaurs with little difficulty, and the party ultimately approaches the door in the cliff. Doctors Zaius, Zira, and Cornelius debate if the structure is a temple or mausoleum as Ursus asks if Zaius wishes them to destroy it. Before he can get a response, one of his soldiers is struck by an arrow, and they are soon surrounded by a tribe of humans led by a woman on horseback. Unable to speak the same language, Ursus tries to mount a counterattack. The leader of the humans is not worried by him, knowing that the apes could not win any battle that ensued. Zira tries to communicate while they are taken prisoner, and produces a scrap of newspaper featuring a photograph of King Kong. The woman decides to let the apes speak to the Storyteller, but forces Ursus and his gorilla soldiers back to their ship. Zaius gathers this, and orders him not to further jeopardize their mission. The woman leads them through the village, where Zaius marvels at their level of civilization. Cornelius and Zira note that some of the people seem to pray at them, indicating a mutual confusion. They reach a building, housing an elaborately dressed woman who introduces herself as the Storyteller, and the woman who had taken them captive as her apprentice Ni'ta. The Storyteller describes the relationship her people had with the fallen ape she called Queen of the Kong, which lined up neatly with the simian's Prophecy of the Lawgiver, which envisioned a world where ape and man live in harmony. Zaius discounts this interpretation, citing the Kong as higher beings. Ni'ta questions their relationship to the humans in their homeland, and is admonished by the Storyteller for her curiosity.

Zira then finds her sitting in a room full of artifacts from the old human-dominated world, and Ni'ta laments that she cannot understand them because she is dedicated to the history of her island alone. Zira encourages her drive for knowledge and curiosity about new and different things, but does warn her that such things can come with a price. At that point, a lamp in the room begins to burn in unison with others in the village, and Ni'ta takes Zira outside where there is a festive atmosphere. Cornelius and Zaius watch the commotion with interest, and see baskets of fruit being prepared and placed on an altar. The sound of the ceremonial drums carries all the way out to Ursus on the beach, and the simians in the village watch with tears in their eyes as one of the huge apes then walks in from the jungle and begins eating the fruit. The humans bow down before their protector, and the Kong notices the tiny apes. He is naturally curious if not confused about them, and reaches out to them with one of his great fingers. Dr. Zaius reaches his hand out to him in turn.




  • Dr. Zaius
  • General Ursus
  • Cornelius
  • Zira
  • Argus
  • Felix
  • Ni'ta
  • Storyteller


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