Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #22

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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth
Issue #21
Issue #22
Issue #23
"An Uneasy Alliance"
Cover A for issue #22 by Matt Frank
Story by Chris Mowry, Matt Frank
Written by Chris Mowry
Art by Matt Frank
Colors by Priscilla Tramontano
Letters by Chris Mowry, Shawn Lee
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Sales 6,447[1]
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

"An Uneasy Alliance" is the twenty-second issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. It was released on March 25, 2015.


Lucy and Woods journey to find King Caesar while the Cryog unleash their final, most devastating plan! The Earth's monsters have never before been so overpowered!


In Australia's Northern Territory, a group of Trilopods face off against Gorosaurus. The giant dinosaur bites into a Beta Trilopod's claws, only for an Alpha to sink its mouth appendages into his tail. Gorosaurus rips the claw off of the Beta but struggles to get the Alpha off of his tail. The Beta retaliates by knocking the dinosaur out cold with its remaining claw, allowing it and the Alpha to combine into a new Trilopod resembling Gorosaurus. He comes to and tries to attack with a kangaroo kick, but the Gorosaurus-Trilopod ducks under the attack and retaliates in kind, knocking him out again and dragging him into the Hunting Pod.

Meanwhile, Chavez and Steven Woods are notified about Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla's battle with the Trilopods in Los Angeles before the former asks about the situation in Australia. CKR command reports that the info is being uploaded to their servers for review. Woods tells them that witnesses to the Australia battle report five kaiju, but only two carcasses were left behind. When asked where the remaining three are, command tells them that Australian forces found footprints and drag marks that end in a massive smoothing out on the ground. Woods asks if this means if either something dragged the area or carried the kaiju out of the area by air, to which command replies that they'll check monitoring networks for anything that flew out of the area. Woods tells command that they'll land in two hours and that he'll check the servers. As Woods ends the call, Chavez asks him what he makes of it and if he's getting the same feeling as he is, in that this is the end of everything. Woods reminds him that people thought the same thing when the Kaiju first appeared, and that they've come a long way since then. Chavez tells him that they're going right back in the middle of it and that he has a bad feeling about what's happening. New kaiju, stronger ones than those on Earth, he and Woods leading the charge again. Maybe it's up to them to end it rather than letting fate to the job. Woods promises him that they'll take the fight to them, but Chavez wonders if the Trilopods were targeting the monsters and what chances humanity has if they're all gone. The Shobijin, restless after leaving the Mothra Larvae with CKR's ships, tell them that Chavez is right. Woods apologizes for doing so, as they had no other means to transport the larvae, and that they need to speed with Professor Kenji Ando and his group. The Shobijin tell them that the larvae will be fine and they'll help keep the survivors of the Monster Islands attack safe. When asked what exactly the Trilopods are, the Shobijin simply state that they're "not of this world". They're nothing they've seen before, but they sense great rage and fear from the Earth's monsters. They fear for their lives, but they still fight to defend themselves. When asked what will happen if the Trilopods get to their king before they do, the Shobijin tell them that there's no time to waste. They must join the fight or die. Suddenly, they get a call from central command about two SpaceGodzillas, one of them being trapped with Godzilla in a crystal formation, and that they lost track of one of the Trilopods. Chavez notes that one of the Trilopods that attacked the Monster Islands resembled Baragon while it was carrying him away. Woods adds that it carrying him to some kind of pod before they deduce that it was a transport. Realizing what's going on, Woods tells central command that their rally point will be in Los Angeles and that they need to help Godzilla.

Back in Los Angeles, Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla find an opening in their crystal prison and try to break free, only for the SpaceGodilla-Trilopod to close off the opening and trapping them even more. Despite their animosity towards each other, Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla realize that they need to work together to survive. They blast free from their prison using their atomic breath and Coronoa Beam, respectively. SpaceGodzilla uses his Corona Beam to blast the SpaceGodzilla-Trilopod, but the doppelgänger retaliates by forming a giant crystal between the two. However, before either of them could make another move, Godzilla blasts the Trilopod with a continued blast of his atomic breath, killing it in a massive explosion. Exhausted, Godzilla collapses onto the ground. SpaceGodzilla kicks his counterpart onto his back and prepares to finish him off with one last blast of his Corona Beam. However, he spots the Trilopod hive and, after roaring in Godzilla's face, takes on his flying form and retreats into space. The hive lands next to Godzilla as a squadron of fighter jets arrive and witness it touch down onto the ground. Meanwhile, in Japan, Woods, Chavez, and the Shobijin meet up with Ando and Yumi Nagata. Woods asks if they've found Jet Jaguar yet to assist them in the battle at Los Angeles, but Nagata tells them that he's lost deeper in the ocean than any salvage vehicles can go. Woods apologizes and assures her that she'll find him someday before asking about the "king" the Shobijin described. Ando explains that it's King Caesar, Earth's first protector from thousands of years ago, and that he's located in Okinawa. The Shobijin tell him that they need to wake up King Caesar if they want to help Godzilla and the other monsters, but Ando asks if he even wants to help at all or if Godzilla will turn against him. Nagata tells him that Godzilla will need all the help he can get and that they should at least try since they're simply out of options. Woods offers his Seeker Squad to go with Lucy Casprell and the Shobijin, but the twins state that the soldiers might anger the monster despite his intentions of defending the Earth. Woods retorts that they're taking a big risk by splitting up and he can't urge them enough to stay safe, so he orders them to take his men. Suddenly, someone over the intercom tells Dr. Nagata to turn on the television as she'll need to see what's happening. As the group look on in shock, including the newly arrived Lucy Casprell, Jason Ford, and Kristina Sumres, a news report shows the Trilopod hive in Los Angeles opening up and releasing several Trilopods as they move towards the unconscious Godzilla. Several Alpha Trilopods pierce into his flesh with their mouth parts and they combine with the Betas to form creatures "looking like Godzilla."



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  • Despite being prominently featured on the subscription cover for the issue, neither Kiryu nor MOGUERA physically appear in the issue, though the scene being depicted on the cover would be shown in the final issue. However, within this issue, a reference to Kiryu is made, as a mug with "MFS 3" written on it can be seen on Dr. Ando's desk.
  • In this issue, Gorosaurus appears in Australia, to which the kangaroo is native. This is most likely a reference to Gorosaurus' famous "kangaroo kick" attack.
  • Baragon, Battra, Jet Jaguar, King Caesar, and Mothra's trademark icons are all included at the beginning of the issue, even though none of them appear in the issue itself or its covers.

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