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Issue #22
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Gorgo #22
Cover art of issue #22
Written by Joe Gill
Cover by Dick Giordano[1]
Pencils by Bill Montes ("The Might of General Thung"),
Bill Molno ("The Last of the Grexnons")[1]
Inks by Ernie Bache ("The Might of General Thung"),
Vince Alascia ("The Last of the Grexnons")[1]
Edits by Pat Marsulli
Charlton Comics

"The Might of General Thung" is the twenty-second issue of the comic series Gorgo, published by Charlton Comics in December of 1964. It features two comics—a main adventure starring Gorgo and a backup story called "The Last of the Grexnons"—and a short story titled "A Psychic Power".


"The Might of General Thung"

While napping in Bikini Atoll, Gorgo was hit by American nuclear weapons that were being tested at the location. The painful blast made his skin bubble and glow red and even gave him a one-time use fire breath. He leapt into the water to search for his mother, and grabbed an apparently nearby Communist submarine, as the American military stood by, allowing him to flee for his life, having benefited the free world more than he had harmed it. When he finally found Ogra, she was battling a strange orange creature whom she dispatched with a bonk from her tail to its head. Gorgo then feasted on a monster-sized clam. On the Asian mainland, General Thung was amassing military strength, all while insisting that his country was not going to war. This massive buildup roused fear and suspicion among Thung's nation's enemies and allies alike.

Gorgo then began approaching his borders, and the military shelled and bombed him before sending troops to face him. All of these measures failed. Thung then personally boarded a super-sonic aircraft and buzzed around Gorgo's head before launching an atomic bomb at him. Thung then demanded to see the remains, and nearly flew into the enraged creature's jaws. Thung then further bulked up both the production of armaments and the planning for his goal. Gorgo then wandered into an oil refinery, and drank the equivalent of 200 barrels of crude oil before destroying the facility. Safe in his country manor, Thung began plotting to invite diplomats from other nations to see his impressive military both to show off his might and represent a veiled threat. The U.S. planned to intervene, having apparently promised to save the smaller nations to "Communist Asia"'s south from Communist expansion. Gorgo attacked Thung in his home, but Thung flew away by private helicopter before any damage could be done. He ordered both that the creature be bombed, and for a crowd of enthusiastic cheerers to amass near his exhibition and to have the unenthusiastic shot in private to avoid bad publicity.

Gorgo drew near, and the soldiers were afraid. Eventually he came before Thung, who backed up into a mud puddle and began to cry as Gorgo apparently laughed. A diplomat claimed that Gorgo had never intentionally hurt people before. Gorgo then retreated to his mother, disgusted with humanity.

"The Last of the Grexnons"

Humanity's war with the incredible Grexnon people had gone on for twenty years, and humanity was losing until the day it wasn't. All "Grexno-craft" were eliminated, and human technology had finally advanced to allow them to approach and land on Grexno using "super-rocket-boosters". Instead of a full scale invasion force, it was decided that a scout team led by Captain Steward would be sent to scope out the planet. On the planet's surface, they discovered empty launching pads and in a nearby hut, a lone Grexnon. He claimed to be the last Grexnon, who had been controlling all warships remotely, which prevented him from landing on and invading the Earth. He explained that Grexnons live for only 50 years and that he had minutes to live. The last Grexnon woman had been born over 100 years ago, and she produced only males, leaving the species unable to reproduce. Apparently, they believed that going to another planet would make them survive their lack of females, and they had hoped to conquer Earth quickly, but for the last 18 years, he had been the only Grexnon. Then he died.




  • General Thung

Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Super-sonic aircraft





  • Gorgo is seen feasting on both clam meat and seaweed, which would imply that his species is omnivorous, despite their dentition.

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