Godzilla in Hell

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Godzilla in Hell

Godzilla in Hell is a five-issue comic book miniseries from IDW Publishing, published from July to November 2015. Each issue featured a different creative team, with James Stokoe, Matt Frank, Bob Eggleton, and Dave Wachter each working on an issue. The series chronicles Godzilla's descent into and eventual escape from Hell, where he encounters demonic versions of his past foes as well as terrifying new enemies. It will be republished in English as part of the Godzilla: Unnatural Disasters trade paperback in May 2021, along with Godzilla: Legends and Godzilla: Rage Across Time.


Trade Paperbacks


  • This series was a part of the Five Featured Firsts program, which launched a brand new title each week in July.
  • The first issue of Godzilla in Hell was given an EC Comics Month variant cover by Jeff Zornow as a part of EC Cover Month, as well as exclusive variants for San Diego Comic-Con and Comics Dungeon by James Stokoe and Sara Richard, respectively.


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25 months ago
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I love this comic book


36 months ago
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Wasn't there a giant black-and-white release of the series?

Toa Hydros

41 months ago
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My Thoughts: Godzilla in Hell

An interesting concept to be sure, but like Cataclysm I feel Godzilla in Hell didn't quite reach its full potential. For one, I would've liked to see Goji encounter more situations and characters synonymous with hell, but these are often pushed aside for yet more brawls against the usual Godzilla enemies such as King Ghidorah. The battles themselves, however, are pretty entertaining.

One thing I did like was the fact that a different artist illustrated each installment, and utilized a different Godzilla design for each. I would've liked to see this used in Half-Century War. I also found myself liking the final issue, which was pretty deep stuff for a character usually celebrated for his power and savagery.

Overall, Godzilla in Hell didn't quite stack up to my expectations, but the final product is still worth a read, whether it's for the art, the monster brawls or its mild philosophical implications.
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