Godzilla vs. Barkley

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Godzilla vs. Barkley
The comic's cover
Story by Mike Baron (script)
Alan Smithee (plot)
Cover by Dave Dorman
Pencils by Jeff Butler
Colors by James Sinclair
Letters by Steve Dutro
Edits by Edward Martin III
This page is about the comic book. For the TV commercial upon which it was based, see "Godzilla vs. Charles Barkley."

Godzilla vs. Barkley is a comic book published by Dark Horse in December 1993. It is based on a Nike commercial from the previous year.


Off the coast of California, a Japanese cargo ship is attacked and destroyed by Godzilla. The next day, a young boy named Matthew and his grandfather walk along the California beach shore to meet basketball superstar Charles Barkley, who is filming a commercial nearby. Matthew tries to get past security but is swiftly turned away along with several other people. To cheer him up, Matthew's grandfather gives him a silver dollar which he claims has magical properties. As the two walk along the shoreline, a shipwrecked survivor is rescued by bystanders and warns them of Godzilla's approach. Suddenly, Godzilla rises in the bay, forcing the crowd to evacuate the area. Matthew believes the magic silver dollar can stop Godzilla and skateboards along the boardwalk to find Charles Barkley, who he believes is Earth's greatest warrior. Matthew finds Barkley about to leave the beach but quickly convinces him to take the magic dollar and stop Godzilla.

Barkley and Matthew leave the beach as Godzilla begins destroying the nearby city. Barkley is unconvinced that he or the magic dollar can stop Godzilla, but Matthew asks Barkley to stop at a nearby basketball court where he challenges him to a game for the coin. Matthew flips the dollar to choose who plays first but the coin lands perfectly on its side. As Barkley picks it up, he suddenly grows to 300 feet tall.

As Godzilla begins destroying the city's financial district, Barkley arrives and challenges the monster to a game of basketball. Godzilla and Barkley travel to a nearby Air Force base where Barkley converts an old shuttle scaffold into a makeshift basketball hoop. The two battle in a close game until Godzilla destroys the ball in a fit of rage with his atomic breath. Later, after discussing Godzilla's prospects and basketball skill, Barkley leads him to a remote canyon in Utah where he provides the monster with enormous Nike shoes and a hoop, asking him to do one million lay-ups.

Back in California and back to normal size, Barkley finds Matthew at a nearby court and gives him back the dollar.



Weapons, vehicles, and races




  • The plot of Godzilla vs. Barkley is credited to Alan Smithee, a pseudonym formerly used by members of the Directors Guild of America to disown a project.


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