Godzilla in Hell #5

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Godzilla in Hell
Issue #4
Issue #5
Godzilla in Hell #5
Cover A for issue #5 by Dave Wachter
Story by Dave Watcher
Written by Dave Wachter
Art by Dave Wachter
Colors by Dave Watcher
Letters by Dave Watcher
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Sales 12,023[1]
Godzilla in Hell

Godzilla in Hell #5 is a comic book from IDW Publishing. It was released on November 18th, 2015.


Will Godzilla be able to find his way back to the living world? An unstoppable force unlike any he has seen bars his way!


Godzilla appears from a white void, still wandering through Hell. Quick climate changes such as blizzards bombard the King of the Monsters, but Godzilla presses ever onward. Coming to a large bridge at the edge of a waterfall of blood, Godzilla bursts through it and tumbles miles below into a pit of stalactites nearly as large as he is. Swatting some of the spires with his tail in anger, he moves on, unaware of vicious Hellbats emerging from inside the spires. The Hellbats quickly form a large swarm and follow Godzilla, who keeps the swarm at bay with his tail. Nearing the end of his journey, Godzilla comes face to face with his final trial: an impossibly tall mountain with swirling thunderclouds that completely dwarfs even him. At the top of said mountain sleeps the God-demon, a massive demon guarding the entrance to the world of the living. Godzilla tries to blast the demon with his atomic breath, but he can't seem to get it out. Ever determined, the King of the Monsters starts climbing the mountain to face the demon. The demon takes notice and causes a landslide to both knock Godzilla off the mountain and bury him under the rubble. Bursting forth, Godzilla seems to finally give up his last shred of hope of leaving Hell and closes his eyes, allowing the Hellbats to devour him alive. The Hellbats, sensing Godzilla's submission, go in for the kill. Swarming around Godzilla, the Hellbats devour every inch of Godzilla's flesh, leaving only his bones, which collapse into the rubble from the landslide. The Hellbats then begin to fly away, plump and satisfied, when they all suddenly convulse and each grow one eye. The Hellbats then start screeching out miniature versions of Godzilla's roar and fly back to his skeleton, swarming around it and reforming Godzilla's body with their own. The Hellbat-Godzilla then collectively roars at the God-demon in challenge, followed by each and every Hellbat firing its atomic breath simultaneously, thus causing a massive Godzilla-sized atomic blast to slam into the God-demon, killing it. The Hellbat-Godzilla then climbs the mountain and reaches the gate, and in the final page, a fully alive and reformed Godzilla bursts forth from the ocean, back in the world of the living, roaring in his ultimate triumph: he has finally escaped Hell itself.








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