Iron Man #193

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Marvel's Godzilla
Godzilla #24
Iron Man #193
Iron Man #194
"The Choice and the Challenge"
Cover of issue #193 by Herb Trimpe and Dave Cockrum
Editor-in-chief Jim Shooter
Story by Dennis O'Neil
Cover by Luke McDonnell, Ian Akin,
Brian Garvey
Pencils by Luke McDonnell
Colors by Bob Sharen
Letters by Rick Parker
Edits by Mark Gruenwald
Marvel Comics
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"The Choice and the Challenge" is the 193rd issue of Iron Man. It was released in April 1985. This issue marks the first appearance of Godzilla in a comic produced by Marvel following the conclusion of Godzilla in 1979.


While logging solo hours flying an Avengers' Quinjet, Greer Grant Nelson, operating under the name Tigra, is swatted out of the sky by a gigantic mutant monster and crash lands onto an uncharted island. Using the damaged radio, she is able to describe the situation to the West Coast Avengers before it cuts out, and she leaves the ship to search the island. Elsewhere, recovering alcoholic Tony Stark is visited by his friend James Rhodes, the current Iron Man, who offers Tony his suit back and asks him to inform the Avengers that he is retiring for medical reasons. Tony refuses the suit, citing it as part of the reason for his condition. Somewhere beneath the Pacific Ocean, Dr. Demonicus berates his creature, implied to be a heavily mutated Godzilla, for not completely destroying the Quinjet. Wearing an old Iron Man suit, Stark enters the West Coast Avengers compound in Los Angeles to deliver Rhodes' message. Not recognizing him, Hawkeye becomes incredibly defensive and distrusting while Mockingbird observes. Eventually Stark is forced to reveal his face and identity, and they receive Tigra's distress call. The Avengers invite Stark to join them, with Wonder Man absent, but Stark politely refuses. As they take off, the former Godzilla smashes Tigra's downed Quinjet while Tony realizes that if he is to regain the respect the public had for Iron Man, which was never tarnished by his personal struggles, he has to be the hero people think he is. He then takes a Quinjet to the pre-loaded coordinates.

As Demonicus and two henchmen reach Tigra's downed aircraft, she finds a native village and attempts to find a radio before giving up and leaving. En route, Mockingbird and Hawkeye determine that Demonicus is a likely suspect for Tigra's attacker. They then notice an underwater fortress on their scanners shortly before being shot down by missiles from under the water. Demonicus, on reaching the village, determines that the pilot must be hiding there, and sends his monster to destroy it. In an attempt to protect the villagers, Tigra attacks the gargantuan beast, and is swatted away before perching in a tree. Demonicus sees her, and orders the beast to kill her. Stark then rescued the Avengers as Tigra tries to lead the monster away from the village before being captured by it. Stark and the Avengers try to rescue her, and after firing an explosive arrow into its mouth, it drops Tigra, and the Avengers take down Demonicus' henchmen, while he himself escapes. Stark then saves Hawkeye, by using using his boot thrusters to push the creature's swatting hand away before carrying the beast out over the water, fearing he will sink under its weight. Hawkeye, however, comes to forgive Stark and believes he has proved his worth.



Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Quinjet






  • Because Marvel Comics had relinquished the rights to use the Godzilla character, he has a mutated appearance and is never addressed by name in this or any subsequent comics.


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