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Krollar in Godzilla, King of the Monsters by Marvel
Species Mega Monster
Controlled by Megans
Allies Triax, Rhiahn
Enemies Godzilla, Red Ronin
Created by Doug Moench (writer)
Herb Trimpe (penciler)
First appearance Godzilla (Marvel comic) issue 13

Krollar is a Mega Monster kaiju who first appeared in Issue #12 of the Marvel comic series Godzilla.


Krollar is a vaguely insectoid monster. He has yellow skin and a pink underbelly. His mouth is full of sharp fangs. He also has a large horn on his forehead.


Krollar prefers to attack from ambush, burrowing beneath an enemy, exploding from the ground at his feet and then blasting his foe with debris or latching onto him with his powerful jaws before retreating back into the ground. Krollar is very much a team-oriented fighter, seeking to harass and distract his enemies thereby opening an opportunity for his fellow Mega Monsters to attack.



Krollar was another of the Megan warlords' champions, the Mega Monsters, and was sent along with Triax and Rhiahn to secure the Earth for the alien conquerors. Although putting up a tenacious fight, Krollar was the first of the alien behemoths to fall beneath the strength of Godzilla when the other Mega Monsters abandoned him to attack the irritating SHIELD forces that had begun interfering in the kaiju battle.


Physical abilities

Krollar is also able to use his numerous legs to effect tremendous leaps, enabling him to 'explode' from the earth when he has burrowed beneath a foe.


Krollar is able to endure the airless vacuum of space without any form of protection.


Krollar is able to burrow through solid rock at a tremendous speed and is able to spit the rubble from his tunnelling as a sort of makeshift projectile.


Krollar's lamprey-like mouth is able to generate an intense vacuum-like force that can pull entire buildings into his jaws. The monster is also able to latch onto an enemy with this clinging, sucking bite, though the strength of such a bite will not be enough to penetrate an especially strong hide, such as that of Godzilla.


Krollar's horn is a cybernetic augmentation and so can be retracted when he burrows, then released to effectively anchor the monster in the ground.

Comic Appearances

Godzilla #12-14



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