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Kunin in A Space Godzilla
Alternate names Kuunin
Species Space Godzilla
Relations Lilin (Son), Rozan (Mate)
Allies Lilin, Rozan, Sphinx Princess, Sphinx Prince
Enemies Sunerians, Sunerian Queen, Gamoni
First appearance "A Space Godzilla"

Kunin (クーニン,   Kūnin) is an extraterrestrial kaiju featured in the 1979 short story "A Space Godzilla" published in Starlog magazine, based on an unmade Toho Godzilla film of the same name.


Kunin's appearance is based on that of Godzilla, being a bipedal reptilian creature with rough bumpy skin and three rows of dorsal plates. His skin is blue in color.


Kunin is a space Godzilla that comes from the Godzilla Planet. Unlike Rozan and Lilin, Kunin was never present on Earth. He later joined Lilin in fighting the Sunerians and Gamoni.


"A Space Godzilla"

After Lilin was launched into space in his mother Rozan, they were sensed by Kunin while he was in a cave filled with other Space Godzillas. Later on, he joined forces with his now adult son and the Sphinxes and did battle with the Sunerians and their leader, Gamoni.



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