Sunerian Queen

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Sunerian Queen
Sunerian Queen
Species Sunerian
Allies Sunerians, Gamoni
Enemies Rozan, Lilin, Kunin, Sphinx Princess, Sphinx Prince
First appearance "A Space Godzilla"

The Sunerian Queen is an extraterrestrial queen that appeared in the 1979 short story, "A Space Godzilla", published in Starlog magazine.


"A Space Godzilla"

The Sunerian Queen was on a planet housing several Space Godzillas with the Sunerian forces and Gamoni. When Rozan had come to the planet, Gamoni ordered the Sunerians to fire at her. after this, a battle ensued, and at one point, the Sunerian Queen and Gamoni gain the upper hand, as they begin to slaughter the Space Godzillas one by one. However, during this time, a group of sphinxes, lead by the Sphinx Prince, was ordered to enter the palace that the Sunerian forces were in and explode it from the inside, which they succeeded in. After this, the Sunerians were killed of one after another by the Space Godzillas, and the Sunerian Queen was drove off by the Sphinx Princess. Later on, one of the Sunerian Queens allies, Gamoni, engaged in battle with the monsters Kunin and Lilin.



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