Hidanokami Arakawa

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Hidanokami Arakawa
Arakawa in Daimajin Strikes Again
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Lord
Related to None
First appearance Daimajin Strikes Again
Played by Toru Abe

Tsuruchiki was a main antagonist in the 1966 Daiei film Daimajin Strikes Again.

History[edit | edit source]

Showa Era[edit | edit source]

Daimajin Strikes Again[edit | edit source]

Arakawa ruled over his own land in Japan, but at one point enslaved woodcutters from a village in a neighboring Lord's territory to work in the sulfur pits of Hell's Valley to make him gunpowder in order to mount an attack on their kingdom. After a brief insurrection, Arakawa went down to the valley to oversee a woodcutter be shot and dumped into the sulfur pits in front of his co-workers. Much later, he prepared to dump all of the workers into the pit when Daimajin burst through the valley wall. Arakawa ordered his men to attack, and they try to trip the malevolent god with logs, but he picked them up and throws them back at them. Arakawa then ran away while Daimajin destroyed the gunpowder factory and overturned the sulfur vats, causing them to ignite. Arakawa continued to run until Daimajin stabbed him with his sword.


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