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Tsuruchiki in Wrath of Daimajin
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Farmboy
Related to Sugitasu (brother)
First appearance Wrath of Daimajin
Played by Hideki Ninomiya

Tsuruchiki was a main protagonist in the 1966 Daiei film Wrath of Daimajin.


Showa Era

Wrath of Daimajin

While helping to harvest his village's crop, one of the village's woodcutters returned and was badly wounded. While he was resting in a house he informed the village that the woodcutters had been kidnapped by Lord Arakawa and were being forced to build a gunpowder foundry, whose product would be used to overtake their kingdom. Tsuruchiki then decided to mount a rescue mission for the village's men, and set out. Before he left the village, he was stopped by his friend Daisaku, who Tsuruchiki initially rejected on account of him being "slow". Daisaku insists he will be of no trouble, and so they set out with their friend Kinta. As specified by the woodcutter, the roads to the sulfur pits in Hell's Valley were guarded by Arakawa's men, and the only way through was through Majin's Mountain. At the foot of the mountain they were warded away by a shrine maiden, and as they waited for her to leave, they discovered they had been followed by Tsuruchiki's younger brother Sugitasu. They decide not to send him back alone, and head up the mountain. As they climbed they see many hawks, which are regarded as the messengers of Daimajin. After failing to scale a rock wall, the boys came to the statue of the vengeful god Daimajin, which Tsuruchiki and by example the other boys pray to. As they continued down the road they were attacked by samurai loyal to Arakawa. They narrowly escaped with a makeshift bridge, and after a raft they had built is destroyed, Kinta is swept downstream. As the remaining boys trudged on, the snowstorms the woodcutter had warned of hit, and they were running low on food. Sugitasu and Daisaku freeze to death, and Tsuruchiki prays for Daimajin to revive them, which he does in addition to killing the Arakawa samurai for killing one of his hawks. He then went to Hell's Valley to kill Arakawa, but stops his rampage after doing it at Tsuruchiki's request before dissipating into snow. Tsuruchiki and his friends except for Kinta are then reunited with their families.


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