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Godzilla incarnations
Godzilla (Shin Godzilla)
Godzilla Filius
Godzilla Earth
Godzilla® Filius trademark icon
Godzilla® Filius
Godzilla Filius in GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters
Alternate names Godzilla, Godzilla 2017, Filius,
Godzilla's servant, AniGoji
Species Godzilla subspecies
Height 50 meters[1]
Weight 10,000 metric tons[1]
Relations Godzilla Earth (cell source)
Enemies Humans, Exif, Bilusaludo
First appearance GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters
Design(s) AniGoji
Haruo Sakaki: “Even though we defeated it, what was it really? How was it able to live for 20,000 years?
Martin Lazzari: “This is just my opinion, but I think this is a different Godzilla than the one that drove us from Earth.
Haruo Sakaki: “But its appearance and abilities were almost identical.
Martin Lazzari: “And that's exactly why. Life's true nature is found in change. No matter how gradual the renewal cycle may be, it's impossible to maintain the exact same appearance. So this one may be an offspring that inherited Godzilla's form and nature. Such a guess would actually be the most natural. Although the question remains of why there was only this one.
Haruo Sakaki and Martin Lazzari discuss the identity of Godzilla Filius after he is defeated. (GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters)

Godzilla Filius (ゴジラ・フィリウス,   Gojira Firiusu)[1] is a kaiju who appeared in the 2017 Godzilla film GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters.

Formed from cells that divided from Godzilla Earth during the 20,000 years he ruled over the Earth, Godzilla Filius grew to a height of 50 meters and was living in the former Tanzawa area when the Aratrum returned to Earth to reclaim it. Mistaking Filius for Godzilla himself, Haruo Sakaki and the Aratrum crew undertook a desperate plan to exploit Filius' only weakness and destroy him. While Haruo's plan was successful in destroying Filius, he and his allies were caught completely off guard when Godzilla Earth emerged to challenge them.


See also: Godzilla#Name.

Godzilla's Japanese name, Gojira (ゴジラ), comes from a combination of the Japanese approximation of "gorilla" (ゴリラ,   gorira), and kujira (クジラ), the Japanese word for "whale."

Godzilla Filius' name comes from Godzilla and filius, the Latin word for "son," written in katakana as フィリウス (firiusu). The name "Godzilla Filius" is never spoken onscreen, and the monster is only ever referred to as just "Godzilla" or later "the first Godzilla" after Godzilla Earth has revealed himself. The Houtua allude to Godzilla Filius as Godzilla Earth's "servant" (しもべ,   Shimobe).


Main article: AniGoji.

Godzilla Filius closely resembles the Monsterverse Godzilla, with a bulky body, a thick and short neck, large arms, jagged triangular dorsal plates, and a crocodile-like head with a relatively long snout. Godzilla Filius' dorsal plates are somewhat larger than the Monsterverse Godzilla's, and more closely resemble the traditional maple leaf-shaped plates of past Godzilla incarnations. He also has a more rounded head and thinner neck. Filius has rough bluish skin with a tree bark-like texture covering the entirety of his body. He has a very robust musculature, with his muscles visible through his skin and pronounced abdominal and pectoral muscles on his chest. His legs are long and slim compared to the Monsterverse Godzilla's pillar-like legs, while his feet are elongated and possess four claws. His tail has a ridged underside, and ends with a pointed spear-like tip. Godzilla Filius is physically identical to how Godzilla Earth appeared when he first emerged in 2030. Physical differences between Filius and Godzilla Earth himself after 20,000 years, beyond the drastic size difference, include Filius' lack of a spiked chin or hunched back.


Unlike its progenitor, Godzilla Filius is largely a reactionary creature. After shooting down the exploratory probe, he initially mostly showed curiosity regarding the United Earth expeditionary force. An ineffective attack by a Hover Bike piloted by Haruo Sakaki was met with no reaction, and the Filius only retaliated upon being fired upon by larger artillery that hurt him.


Godzilla Filius is a subspecies of Godzilla spawned by cells that divided from Godzilla Earth, much like the Servum. Unlike the Servum, Godzilla Filius is nearly identical to Godzilla Earth himself when he first appeared in 2030.


Reiwa era

GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

When the Aratrum emerged from hyperspace and sent Reconnaissance Drones to the Earth's surface, it detected Godzilla Filius in the former Tanzawa Forest area of Japan. The Central Committee decided to enact Captain Haruo Sakaki's anti-Godzilla plan, and sent units to the planet's surface to carry it out. They planned to lure Godzilla into the Tanzawa Pass, then detonate the rocky slopes and bury Godzilla temporarily in rubble, allowing them to attack his EMP amplifying organ once his shield was down and destroy him with EMP Probes. However, one unit was attacked by a pack of Servum, which killed many soldiers and crippled its fleet of Landing Ships. Colonel Eliott Leland gave the order to evacuate the surviving forces through the Tanzawa Pass and meet with another unit to refuel and repair the surviving Landing Ships and return to the Aratrum. However, as the unit moved toward its destination, Godzilla Filius appeared and attacked them. Metphies allowed Haruo to board a Hover Bike and attack Godzilla so he could determine the location of his electromagnetic organ. However, the Hover Bike's guns were too weak to make Godzilla deploy his shield. Knowing this, Leland took command of a Multipodal Battery and fired at Godzilla, who retaliated by destroying the vehicle with his atomic breath. However, Leland's sacrifice was not in vain, as the attack made Godzilla deploy his Asymmetrically Permeable Shield, which Mulu-elu Galu-gu traced to his dorsal plates.

With Leland dead, command of the operation fell to Metphies, who designated all of his authority to Haruo. Haruo explained the operation to all surviving forces, and convinced them to undertake the plan. A Hover Bike fleet led by Rilu-elu Belu-be and Adam Bindewald attacked Godzilla Filius in an attempt to draw him to the Tanzawa Pass, where Haruo and the remaining forces were waiting with Multipodal Batteries and Powered Suits. Godzilla destroyed several of the Hover Bikes with his atomic breath, but Bindewald and Belu-be were able to hold on and draw Godzilla into the pass. Once Godzilla reached the target area, explosive charges were detonated and the slopes collapsed onto Godzilla. Godzilla was buried up to his chest in rubble and temporarily trapped, at which point the Multipodal Batteries all opened fire on him. As predicted, Godzilla deployed his Asymmetrically Permeable Shield, which protected him from the artillery strikes. However, having isolated the sound produced by Godzilla's EMP organ, they humans were able to cross-reference it with the sounds currently being produced by the organ to determine exactly when the shield would collapse and redeploy. Knowing Godzilla's healing factor would allow him to heal any damage extremely quickly, Haruo entered a Powered Suit and jumped onto Godzilla's back as the shield collapsed. He told the Batteries to open fire on Godzilla's back, even though the artillery could hit him as well. The artillery opened fire, damaging Godzilla's dorsal plates and destroying Godzilla's electromagnetic organ. Haruo used his Powered Suit to plant an EMP Probe into Godzilla, and was quickly joined by numerous other Powered Suits, which planted more EMP Probes in Godzilla. As Godzilla's tissue healed, the Powered Suits were all forced off of Godzilla's back. Godzilla turned his head and prepared to fire his atomic breath at Haruo, but the EMP Probes were effective and Godzilla immediately exploded.

As Haruo and the humans celebrated their victory, Martin Lazzari pointed out that the Godzilla they killed was identical in form and size to the Godzilla that appeared in 2030, which was highly unlikely given Godzilla's capacity to evolve and the amount of time that had passed. Haruo was confident that even if more Godzillas existed, they could kill them just as they had killed Godzilla Filius. Shortly after, the ground began to shake violently, while a nearby mountain exploded. From the smoke, the original Godzilla emerged, now grown to over 300 meters in height and 100,000 metric tons in weight.


Asymmetrically Permeable Shield

Like Godzilla Earth, Godzilla Filius can deploy an Asymmetrically Permeable Shield (非対称性透過シールド,   Hitaishō-sei Tōka Shīrudo) from an organ located in his dorsal plates. This shield can deflect any and all attacks and renders Godzilla Filius effectively invulnerable to damage.

Atomic Breath

Godzilla Filius fires his atomic breath.

Godzilla Filius can project a powerful charged particle beam from in front of his mouth area that can strike targets with pinpoint accuracy.


Godzilla Filius inherits Godzilla Earth's potent healing factor, which allows his tissues to heal completely from damage almost instantly.


Like Godzilla Earth, Godzilla Filius' body tissue is integrated with metallic muscle fibers that both support his massive weight in the absence of a skeleton and give him extreme durability beyond that granted by his shield alone. While not quite as durable as Godzilla Earth, he still withstood a majority of the weapons fielded against him and was largely unharmed by their assault. In the end, it took a concentrated bombardment by heavy artillery on his dorsal fins while his shield was temporarily down to blast several off.


Godzilla Filius' shield is produced by an organ located in his dorsal plates. If the organ is targeted and destroyed at a moment where the shield is not deployed, the shield will be disabled until the organ regenerates. The United Earth destroyed Godzilla Filius by planting EMP Probes into his body while the shield was disabled, which caused electromagnetic energy to build to critical levels inside Godzilla's body until he exploded.

Video games


Main article: AniGoji.


Godzilla Filius' roars, much like Godzilla Earth's, are primarily recycled from the Millennium series. When Godzilla Filius first arrives to confront the United Earth forces in the Tanzawa Forest, he lets out a roar that is a combination of the Millennium and TriStar Godzilla's roars. Throughout the film, he utters several deep growls.

Godzilla Filius’ roars


  • Godzilla Filius' origin, in that he was created from Godzilla's cells, is similar to a form of asexual reproduction used by a variety of different species of real-world plants, which are able to create duplicates of themselves through a process called vegetative propagation.


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