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Godzooky in The Godzilla Power Hour
Alternate names Godzuki, Gozuki, Zooky
Species Juvenile monster
Relations Godzilla (relative)
Allies Godzilla, Calico crew
Played by Don Messick (voice)
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla episode 1,
"The Firebird"
Godzilla episode 26,
"The Deadly Asteroid"

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Godzooky (ゴズーキー,   Gozūkī) is a juvenile monster that appeared in the 1978 Hanna-Barbera television series Godzilla. A relative of Godzilla, he primarily serves as the show's comic relief, but does help save the day from time to time.


Godzooky is loosely based on Minilla, with bat-like skin membranes under his arms that grant him the ability to fly through the air, similar to Varan. He differs from Varan, however, in that he flaps his arms up and down in order to fly, while Varan simply leaps into the air and glides from one point to another. He resembles the version of Godzilla in the series, with green skin and a row of dorsal fins running from the top of his head down his back.


Godzooky is a juvenile kaiju related to Godzilla that had become stuck in a coral reef before being rescued by the crew of the scientific research vessel Calico. This gesture allowed the team to befriend Godzilla, who began protecting the ship and its crew when Godzooky chose to stay with them.[1]



As a companion to the crew of the Calico, Godzooky became involved in a great many of their adventures. Often accompanying Peter, the nephew of the ship's scientist Dr. Quinn, the young kaiju frequently encountered perils exploring the world. More than once the youth wound up startling guests aboard the Calico, who wouldn't have expected to see a young kaiju aboard. Often he'd wound up in trouble when his scrappy nature would lead to him attempting to protect his human friends by confronting dangers too big for him to handle. When such situations arose and Captain Majors couldn't summon Godzilla with his signalling device, Godzooky could call up his larger cousin with his cries. A few times Godzooky would attempt to fly into an active battle between Godzilla and another monster. While this often just resulted in the exasperation of the Calico crew and Godzilla himself, who'd rather sternly warn his younger relative to get out of harm's way, a few times the crew would use him to communicate with Godzilla to tell the heroic kaiju about an Achilles' heel they'd discovered about their current enemy.


Smoke ring breath

Godzooky can release streams of black smoke rings from his mouth similar to Minilla's, which often ends with him coughing. He can breath fire like Godzilla when he is strong enough, and indeed does so only once in the series for a brief moment, in "The Beast of Storm Island". However, his fire-breathing power (and super-strength that came with it) came about due to an outside source: exposure to the vapors from a pit on Storm Island that Axor used to restore his power and energy. The ability then wore off a short time after that.


In the episode "Island of Doom", Godzooky bent steel bars to escape a tower to summon Godzilla.

Blood relation

Godzooky has the ability to summon his relative Godzilla, even over great distances, by roaring loudly. The episode "Island of Doom" revealed that Godzooky needs to be a certain distance from the ocean for this ability to work.


Godzooky can fly by flapping his arms up and down and using the wing flaps on his arms.


Godzooky and Godzilla's sounds (Begins at 1:32)



  • Godzilla is sometimes referred to as Godzooky's "cousin" or "nephew" in supplementary material, however, this relationship is never elaborated upon in the show itself and there is no indication that Godzilla himself has any other known relatives. It is more likely that the term is used figuratively, with no actual blood relationship between the monsters, which are simply of related species.
  • The wing of a child's plush toy of Godzooky is briefly shown in episode 6 of Godzilla Singular Point, sitting alongside plushes of Godzilla, the Giant Turtle, and Komodithrax and her egg from Godzilla: The Series.

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