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Godzooky in The Godzilla Power Hour
Alternate names Godzuki, Gozuki, Zooky
Species Juvenile Monster
Relations Godzilla ('Uncle')
Allies Godzilla, Calico crew
Portrayed by Don Messick (voice)
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla episode 1,
"The Firebird"
Godzilla episode 26,
"The Deadly Asteroid"
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Godzooky (ゴズーキー,   Gozūkī) is a juvenile kaiju that appeared in the 1978 Hanna-Barbera television series, Godzilla.


Godzooky is loosely based on Minilla, with membranes under his arms that grant him the ability to glide through the air, similar to Varan. He resembles the version of Godzilla in the series, with green skin and a row of dorsal fins running from the top of his head down his back.


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Smoke Breath

Godzooky can release streams of black smoke from his mouth. He can breath fire when he is strong enough.

Blood Relation

Godzooky has the ability to summon his uncle Godzilla, even over great distances.


Godzooky can fly using the wing flaps on his arms.


Godzooky and Godzilla's sounds


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  • Godzilla is said to be Godzooky's "uncle," however this relationship is never elaborated upon and there is no indication that Godzilla himself has any siblings. It is more likely that the term is used figuratively, with no actual blood relationship between the monsters.


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