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Godzilla Singular Point episodes
The title card of "Enfatico"
Series Godzilla Singular Point
Episode # 6
Directed by Daisuke Tsukushi, Takuma Suzuki, Shuji Miyahara
Written by Toh EnJoe
Air date
  • April 29, 2021 (Netflix)JP
  • May 6, 2021 (television)
  • June 24, 2021 (Netflix)int'l
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"Enfactico" (りろんなきすうじ,   Riron Naki Sūji, lit. "Numbers Without Theory") is the sixth episode of Godzilla Singular Point. Directed by Daisuke Tsukushi, Takuma Suzuki, and Shuji Miyahara, it debuted on the Japanese Netflix on April 29, 2021, and on Japanese television May 6.


A massive swarm of Rodan causes havoc in Manhattan. Shunya Sato and Tsunetomo Yamamoto watch a slideshow on scientist Michiyuki Ashihara's investigation into the red tide around 80 years ago, during which he found a rare species of jellyfish. Given the age of the study, Ashihara would have to be 100 years old; however, Sato has uncovered no proof that he's dead. Meanwhile, Bearach Byrne talks to Tilda Miller about the monster which employees have dubbed "Salunga" that Ashihara once said was related to the Red Dust. Though they are unlikely to be able to contain Salunga for much longer, Byrne is more focused on the recent stabilization of the Red Dust's phase alpha.

Mei Kamino searches for documents on Ashihara's work in a library with the assistance of Pelops II, as other patrons watch a news report on flights being grounded due to the Red Dust. After looking in major publications, she finds a book with sketches by Ashihara which include the Orthogonal Diagonalizer and the equation "6 = 9." Pelops II notices how Ashihara's notes closely resemble the ones featured in her research. A government official announces that the JSDF is preparing an all-out assault against the Rodan to prevent them from entering Tokyo Bay. Colonel Yoshiyasu Matsubara explains to another JGSDF member that since Rodan first appeared in Japan, they have been sighted throughout the Pacific Ocean, including Oceania, and questions why they would suddenly "skip" an entire area of the globe and fly to New York City. The other JGSDF member suggests they may have two nests, with Matsubara considering that a third nest would likely be located somewhere in the United Kingdom.

Mei continues to go through Ashihara's sketches, trying to understand his illogical equation and the phrase "fearful symmetry". Eavesdropping, Yukie Kanoko identifies it as a reference to the William Blake poem "The Tyger." As they discuss Archetype, Kamino puts it together: both equation and phrase are referring to Archetype's destructive potential to affect the symmetry of space-time. She rushes to Dr. Li Guiying to share her findings, spilling her papers in her haste. Impressed by her conclusion, Li asks her to accompany her on a trip to London.

Anguirus easily bests the smaller Jet Jaguar in hand-to-hand combat, then playfully bats around the prone mech as Goro Otaki shouts defiantly from inside. Two JSDF Jeeps engage it next, but it deflects their machine gun rounds, destroying one of the vehicles before the soldiers cease fire and retreat. As it chases them, Jet Jaguar picks up Genzo Kojima's harpoon gun and fires it into Anguirus's side at point-blank range, seemingly killing the monster.

Li forwards Mei's solution to the "Ashihara Cascade" to Byrne as his daughter Lina complains about him eating dinner without her. Meanwhile, three JSDF ships bombard an approaching group of Manda, killing several, although the surviving monsters soon swim past them. The red monster previously seen chasing a nuclear submarine follows soon after, leaping out of the water and over one of the ships. The Manda leave the waters of Tokyo Bay dyed red as the first Rodan enters the city's airspace. Kanoko shares with Matsubara what she's learned about Archetype, suggesting a link with the monsters and predicting a potential apocalypse.

Anguirus revives as the president of neighborhood association has his picture taken with it, causing Jet Jaguar to swing into action again with the harpoon gun's final round. It decapitates the robot with a swing of its tail, then sends the rest of the mech flying with another blow. With Otaki unconscious, Yun Arikawa deploys Yung to pilot Jet Jaguar in his place. As the mech has lost the ability to see, Yun climbs on its shoulder to help it aim. After getting Anguirus to chase them, Jet Jaguar fires the harpoon into Anguirus's head, breaking off one of the spines on its crown and finally killing it.


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