Yun Arikawa

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Yun Arikawa
Yun Arikawa in Godzilla Singular Point
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Engineer
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla Singular Point
episode 1, "Terzetto"
Godzilla Singular Point
episode 13, "Together"
Played by Japanese: Shoya Ishige
English: Johnny Yong Bosch
German: Benjamin Krause
Spanish: Diego Valente Becerril Ruiz (Mexican), Roger Isasi (Castilian)
French: Adrien Larmande
Italian: Stefano Broccoletti
Portuguese: Lipe Volpato

Yun Arikawa (有川 ユン (アリカワ・ユン),   Arikawa Yun) is an engineer and primary protagonist of the 2021 animated Godzilla series Godzilla Singular Point.


A main character of the story. He is an engineer who works at the local multipurpose workshop "Otaki Factory." A so-called prodigy, he is versed in many skills including building and programming robots, but is an oddball who has trouble interacting with people. After investigating a vacant European-style house, he became wrapped up in the fight against Godzilla.


Yun is a very curious person and skilled detective, able to piece together the personality of a man he never met through just his possessions and project what he and Haberu would eat for dinner in a week. Yun is heroic and somewhat reckless, running towards a Rodan to save a child and riding on the back of a headless Jet Jaguar to help aim a harpoon cannon accurately, the former putting him face-to-face with he monster and the latter blowing him back and knocking him onto a concrete parking lot.


Reiwa era

Godzilla Singular Point


Yun Arikawa, alongside his coworker Haberu Kato, responded to a job to investigate a haunted mansion. Upon arriving at the location, Yun began investigating and showing off his deduction skills to Haberu by telling what he had gathered from the mansion's disappeared owner through his possessions until he found a hidden room with a radio playing a lullaby inside. As they investigated their discovery, the mansion's florescent lights began flickering. Yun deduced that the cause was a creature who could send out radio waves. Using their "ghost detector" equipment, they tried tracking it, but a traffic jam forced them to reroute. Yun found the nearby Misakioku Radio Observatory was also broadcasting the signal and attempted to climb over its fence to find out more. As he reached the top, he was suddenly called by graduate student Mei Kamino at Misakioku. While initially suspicious that the company was onto him, he realized it was just a coincidence and attempted to course correct the conversation when he was caught and detained by two policemen. At the police department, Yun allowed his AI Yung to answer for him until the police clarified they needed to speak to Yun himself. As the interrogated progressed, Yun and Haberu's boss Goro Otaki bailed them out. The trio went to the restaurant Brazil to discuss what Yun and Haberu had learned. Goro immediately deduced that Misakioku was investigating a UFO and that had been causing the radio waves, and that they needed to finish his robot, Jet Jaguar. While the conversation was occurring, Yun searched for the lullaby and found it was an Indian song called "ALAPU UPALA". The following day, Goro and Yun showcased Jet Jaguar at the festival to protect it from the UFO. During the festival, a pink pterosaur-like creature appeared and landed on a sign, causing it to fall over and knocking down a child who was standing nearby. Yun immediately went to help the kid, but found himself being stared down by the monster.


As Yun and the child were staring down the creature, Goro engaged it while piloting Jet Jaguar, allowing Yun to bring the child to safety. Goro soon found himself on the losing end of the battle, eventually being knocked out of the robot and chased down by the creature until Yun managed to use the dance moves coded into Jet Jaguar for the event to distract it. The robot was quickly dispatched by the creature, who turned its attention to the festival's attendees. Yun began reprogramming Jet Jaguar with some fighting moves and rebooted it before taking a wrench and banging it against a pipe to distract the creature. The monster chased after him until Goro rammed the company truck into it. This bought enough time for Jet Jaguar to reboot and attack the creature again, only for the creature to take to the air where it died and crashed back into the Earth. That night Goro was hospitalized and Haberu arrived at the festival, and they both moved Jet Jaguar back to Otaki Factory. The following day the two checked over the robot, remarking that despite the damage it had held up well. Company secretary Satomi Kanahara reported orders from Goro that their priority was Jet Jaguar in case of an attack by a flock of the creatures, but it could not be repaired as they had multiple industrial robots that needed built and the parts would take a week to come in. Yun later looked into the monster, now christened Rodan, and found that it had been emitting radio waves and had been attracted to the signal put out by the sign it had perched on before the battle. Using this, Yun was able to concoct a frequency that would attract Rodan and added broadcasters to the company's Honda Gyro Canopy with Haberu to create the Gyro Canopy Tandem 2.


Two weeks after the first Rodan appeared, large flocks of them began swarming coastal cities from the ocean. When one such flock reached Nigashio City, Yun and Haberu used their Gyro Canopy Tandem 2 to lure the flock while Goro directed them. The plan initially worked until the group nearly crashed into a toppled bus blocking the road, knocking over the Gyro and briefly knocking Yun unconscious. Upon Yun regaining consciousness, Goro took shelter in the crashed bus while Yun and Haberu found a shelter on the side of the road alongside an archery student and other passengers from the bus. The Rodan soon broke into the bus, and Yun quickly developed a plan for the archery student to shoot arrows covered in cut bottles cut to mimic the cries of the Rodan. The plan worked, allowing Yun and Haberu to get their Gyro upright and restart the signal, drawing the Rodan away. When one Rodan appeared ahead of them, one of the industrial robots suddenly appeared and grabbed the Rodan, distracting it and other members of the flock long enough for the pair to get ahead and continue their plan until the Rodan began dying off again. The next day, Yun looked into whoever had accessed the robot, and found it was a Naratake assistant controlling the robot. After getting in contact with the computer it was located on, he began a conversation with its owner over a piece of a mysterious substance, Archetype, which she had come into possession of, eventually giving her a riddle to help her understand it.


At some point after the Rodan incident, Haberu questioned Yun as to whether the Misakioku Radio Observatory was responsible for drawing in the Rodan, but Yun expressed skepticism due to the facility no longer broadcasting the signal and the Rodan appearing in multiple places throughout Japan. Despite this, the idea intrigued Yun. He called Misakioku and questioned Shunya Sato when he answered, pointing out that the Rodan were attracted to the song that had been broadcasted, although Sato asserted that the broadcast was an accident. Later that day, as Yun and Haberu watched over a JSDF facility that was disposing of the Rodan carcasses, Yun commented that if the Rodan had truly changed in such a short time, they must be able to evolve at will and were still adapting to a new environment. Sato soon met up with them and continued the discussion they had over the phone, questioning why anyone would lure the Rodan on purpose and stating that the machine was faulty. Yun then asked Sato if it had to do with the basement, which riled up Sato and tricked him into divulging that there are bones in the facility's basement before he left. As the pair turned their attention back to the Rodan, they noticed one had gone missing through a broken fence and attempted to follow it. They soon found footprints, concluding that they had to come from something much larger than Rodan, with both digitigrade and plantigrade feet, and that it had stolen the carcass to feed on it. Following the tracks to a stream, they noted how the tracks became more erratic, as if it had begun playing. As they made this observation, they were suddenly joined by reporter Takehiro Kai, as he had also been trailing the monster. At some undetermined time, Yun was contacted by Mei as she revealed she had solved the riddle, and Yun explained further that the riddle was to show how Archetype could never be reverse-engineered without impossible circumstances being required. The trio then paused as gunshots rang out in the distance.

Yun encountering Anguirus

Yun, Haberu, and Takehiro ran towards the sound of the gunshot until they encountered a pair of hunters that were also attracted by the commotion. As they began a conversation on the tracks they had been following, the group spotted a monster moving in the distance and Yun gave chase.Earlier that day during Yun and Mei's conversation, Mei revealed that archetype already existed and could cause light to return from the past to increase its intensity and explode. Yun continued to express skepticism however as it violated the laws of physics, making a bet that there was no such thing and that they would meet up over sushi and a sight seeing flight over Tokyo. In the present Haberu and Takehiro caught up with Yun as he was investigating blood the monster had left on the trail, before Yun climbed the nearby hillside where he spotted a giant ankylosaur-like creature drinking from a pond. Yun attempted to get a closer look at it, but accidentally stepped on a twig and alerted the monster. The monster initially just starred Yun down and roared once Haberu yelled at Yun to get out of there, but upon noticing the hunters preparing to shoot at it the creature began vibrating its spines and deflected the shot towards Yun, slipping away as the group was distracted. Yun later conversed with Mei, continuing to say that information had to be transferred for time to be readable, and questioned Mei on how the future would look under these principles. In the coming days, Otaki Factory fixed a set of wheels from the industrial robot onto Jet Jaguar and prepared him for a competition meant to capture or kill the monster, now called Anguirus. Jet Jaguar had trouble with these wheels however, as its genetic matrix was used to a bipedal set-up and Yun had to work out the kinks while expressing skepticism that Anguirus could simply be lured into a cage and pointed out its ability to deflect bullets made it very dangerous. Yun spotted Takehiro interviewing the other attendees of the event and went to speak to him with Haberu in order to review footage of their previous Anguirus encounter. As he watched, Yun questioned whether it had predicted the trajectory of the bullet, but Takehiro countered that not only was it impossible as the bullet was too fast and Anguirus likely just turned in the probable direction of fire, but also questioned why the JSDF soldiers were able to hit it. Yun came to the conclusion that Anguirus hadn't learned what a gun was before then, that its spikes were vibrating before the shot was fired, and that Anguirus could predict or even directly see the future. After the hunters and Takehiro left on their hunt for Anguirus, Yun watched a group return being chased by the now much larger monster. Upon noticing Goro hadn't taken action inside Jet Jaguar, the pair radioed him as Genzo Kojima attempted to shoot the monster with a harpoon, only to have it deflect and leave Jet Jaguar to save him by engaging Anguirus.

Yun guiding Jet Jaguar

Yun and Haberu watched from the sidelines as Anguirus took down and played with Jet Jaguar, Yun commenting on how it was guided by curiosity and that it had got bored when it was done playing. Two JSDF vehicles rolled in to protect it as the monster approached a tent full of on-lookers and began firing their machine guns at it despite Yun's warnings, the bullets ricocheting off of Anguirus' precognitive shield and destroying one of the vehicles. Before Anguirus could reach the tent, Gorog borrowed Genzo's harpoon gun and seemingly killed the monster at point blank range to thwart its abilities. As the commotion was settling down, Anguirus recovered, went berserk in a nearby parking lot, and dispatched Jet Jaguar, leaving the robot headless and Goro unconscious. Yun had Yung pilot the robot, and climbed onto its shoulder to act as its eyes. The pair managed to kill the monster, but Yun was left injured after the recoil from the harpoon knocked him off Jet Jaguar.


After their encounter with Anguirus, Yun was interviewed over the use of possible illegal weapon usage, but wasn't charged due to their heroic actions. As Yun and Haberu were catching the bus, Haberu pondered with Yun why the monsters would do what they do if they knew it would lead to their destruction, or if they could see the future and not change it then what was the point. Yun later had Yung decode the ALAPU UPALA that had been broadcast from Misakioku and found it relayed a code that when put backwards sent near the exact time Yun and Haberu had investigated the haunted mansion, but Yung found no similar codes in other lines of the song. Yun later talked to Mei and admitted that she won the bet because Anguirus could see the future, but Mei was more concerned over the Orthogonal Diagnalizer, which could potentially break down the red dust that surrounded many of the monsters and was being researched on at SHIVA. Yun theorized that being able to see the future allowed anything to be calculated with a super computer that couldn't exist in their world, and if one does to calculate a protocol to make Jet Jaguar invincible. Afterward, Otaki Factory finished building and recoding Jet Jaguar with its new legs and moved Yung inside permanently, renaming him to Jet Jaguar. With that, Otaki Factory set off to set off to Tokyo to hunt Godzilla.


Enroute to Tokyo, the group found that Godzilla had seemingly died fighting the military. Yun questioned whether Godzilla was like a pheonix, and was waiting to rise from the ashes. Just after learning this news, the group spotted a beached Manda carcass that had been killed by Godzilla and investigated it, finding an insect-like creature had been feeding on it. As they did so, they overheard group of marina workers talking about how they couldn't get ahold of their work, which had been converted into a nest. The gang offered to investigate for the marina workers, with Yun and Haberu fetching Jet Jaguar from a game he had been playing with local kids. Jet Jaguar told the two that he had won every game because he had watched the kids eye and muscle movements, which Haberu called out as cheating while Jet Jaguar pointed out there was nothing against it in the rules. Yun told Jet Jaguar to look up how to look up Homo Ludens, how humans used play to create a better society, but their conversation was interrupted when Jet Jaguar's scanners detected a creature, the spider-like Kumonga. Jet Jaguar easily dispatched the creature, but six more Kumongas appeared, Jet Jaguar holding off four while two chased down the humans. During the chase, Yun tripped and was pinned by the Kumonga until Jet Jaguar saved him. The group realized that the other Kumonga that had chased them had gotten away with a marina employee named Kanda. The group checked the nest for him, Yun got a message from Mei about some form of catastrophe but was interrupted when the pieces of the slain Kumonga suddenly revived and the blue goo inside them created new limbs for themselves, while Jet Jaguar detected more than 20 in the nest.


Jet Jaguar held off the Kumonga until his companions took shelter inside an office in the marina, and continued to fight them but the robot's battery began to run low. As Yun watched from the office, he received texts from Mei that a super calculator did exist and was needed to create the archetype and was made out of the archetype, while the Orthogonal Diagoinalizer could not be used because of the calculator constantly getting different answers in an event known as "The Catastrophe", the conversation ending as his phone died. Yun questioned whether this was a problem with the future itself instead of the computer, and if the Singular Points the computer was based on were growing and was the real catastrophe. Just then, the group spotted Kanda and freed him before fleeing for the boats while defended by Jet Jaguar. Yun, realizing Jet Jaguar was unable to follow, ignited fuel spilled during the battle and began burning the nest. Jet Jaguar battled his way to the roof and the robot was forced to drop his battery and and make a break for the boat, leaving the burning colony behind. Once Yun charged his phone, he received a copy of Michiyuki Ashihara notes from Mei, before being called above deck to witness the catastrophe.


Four days passed and Yun had not received any more messages from Mei, so he and Haberu returned to the mansion they had visited a month earlier as it had belonged to Ashihara. On the way, Yun and Haberu discussed the nature of Singular Points, how they produced the red dust and defied the logic of the universe, and how the Orthagonal Diagnolizer could remove the red dust but leave Singular Points such as Godzilla to grow until they created a catastrophe. Yun knew that Ashihara had predicted all of this, and as the pair searched his mansion with Jet Jagaur they found that dates had been hidden in a modified version of ALAPU UPALA. Jet Jaguar analyzed these dates and found that one set matched the exact date when they were arrested for breaking into Misakioku, and another the MD Hash for "Solve it and find out". Using this information, Yun realized the codes all revolved around their group, and that all of the codes were MD Hashes that could be solved by a super computer using dates as the codes. Jet Jagaur Jet Jagaur converted all of the MD Hashes into dates and times, and found that the dates all occurred within a 42 day interval but the order was wrong. Jet Jaguar then confirmed that all dates matched with communications sent with Mei, and Yun concluded that the chats needed to be ordered the same way as the list. Both Yun and Haberu found this listing unhelpful. Jet Jaguar revealed two dates did not concur with messages, one a phone call and the other would occur four days in the future, which allowed Haberu to piece together Mei's identity and Yun to conclude they would contact her again in four days. Suddenly, the mansion's radio began playing ALAPU UPALA again.


Realizing that the monster skeleton in the basement of Misakioku were emitting the song, Yun and Haberu rushed to the facility. After climbing the facility's fencing, they witnessed Takehiro Kai and armed men holding Shunya Sato, Tsunetomo Yamamoto, and another Misakioku staff member hostage while they moved the skeleton out of the basement. However, they were quickly captured and placed alongside the other hostages. Takehiro explained to his hostages that the bones belonged to a monster that formed the a Singular Point found by Ashihara, but Yun corrected him that there was only one Singular Point that would grow into the catastrophe. Takehiro scoffed at his comments, as he believed that even with the Orthagonal Diagnolizer it would be impossible to destroy a Singular Point. At some point after bieng freed, Yun joined Goro, Haberu, Shunya, and Jet Jaguar on a hunt for Godzilla, starting off by boat. Yun and Haberu listened to the messages laid out by Ashihara again and felt that it was directing them to Tokyo, and wondered if instructions may be found within the city. Jet Jaguar commented as he finished replaying the messages that the action made him feel emotionally uncomfortable, but was unable to explain it before he was forced to automatically update and reboot up to 551 times. Yun speculated the modified version of ALAPU UPALA held such a large upgrade through the concept of preformationism, and that the codes had a secondary function of referring to Jet Jaguar's memory. During this conversation, a Rodan attacked the group, but Jet Jaguar awakened and killed it before walking to the lake shore and returning to its upgrades. Once finished, Jet Jaguar Yung was replaced by Jet Jaguar PP, a toddler-like personality that could learn extremely fast. The new AI revealed coordinates the group needed to head towards, 100 meters above Tokyo Station.

Yun watching a swarm of Mothra

Now having to travel on land, the group unpacked Otaki Factory's truck from the boat and drove it, but Godzilla had made Tokyo's terrain uneven and caused the truck to get stuck. After Jet Jaguar moved the truck, he sat down and a strange moth landed on his hand and frightened him, but Yun reassured Jet Jaguar that the moth wouldn't bite and just wanted to play as the insect flew away, which saddened Jet Jaguar. After some travel, Yun and Haberu observed a red plant mass covering much of Tokyo. Yun compared the organism to an invasive species, and that combined with Godzilla's continued evolution made victory uncertain. As the pair were talking, Jet Jaguar noticed three trucks of soldiers and a van being chased by a flock of Rodan and jumped in to defend the soldiers, killing several Rodan and scaring off the rest of the flock. The soldiers, led by Yoshiyasu Matsubara and accompanied by Makita K. Nakagawa and Shunya's boss Yukie Kanoko. The group returned to Yoshiyasu's camp and Yun was presented with the Orthagonal Diagnolizer, which he commented would be simple to use once the code was received. This answer surprised Yoshiyasu and Yukie, as they were under the assumption Yun would know the code. Haberu speculated the code could be the message Ashihara had predicted Mei would send in a few hours, but after explaining this to the others Yoshiyasu was skeptical and offered to hold onto the Orthagonal Diagnolizer, which Yun rejected as he speculated the catastrophe would occur at the same time. Yoshiyasu remained skeptical, but trusted the groups exploits enough to help them on their mission. However, he revealed that Godzilla had stopped at Tokyo station and had grown to 100 meters in height, making him the target destination, which worked out for the group as the Orthagonal Diagnolizer needed to be detonated where the red dust was thickest. Yun helped explain and look over the Orthagonal Diagnolizer and helped add a flight pack to Jet Jaguar before he, Goro, Haberu, Jet Jaguar, Yoshiyasu, and his three trucks of soldiers took the Orthagonal Diagnolizer and began the journey to Godzilla.

Yun at the mercy of Godzilla Ultima

As the Yun and the others traveled through Tokyo, they were attacked by a flock of Rodan. One truck separated itself from the others while firing at the Rodan to draw them away, but more Rodan appeared to follow the other three trucks. After losing these Rodan, the group approached Godzilla and was spotted by another flock. Goro realized this was the best time to get Yun and Jet Jaguar prepared to fly, so Haberu and Yun leapt into the back of the truck and got Yun strapped onto the back seat on Jet Jaguar's flight pack. The remaining soldier trucks attempted to divert the Rodan, but still more followed the Otaki Factory truck as Goro noticed the road ahead of them abruptly ended in a cliff. With help from Haberu, Jet Jaguar successfully took off as the Otaki Truck went over the cliff. The Rodan flock continued to assault Jet Jaguar in the air, but Jet Jaguar killed many of them until he was stuck between a sleeping Godzilla and the flock. Godzilla was awakened by the fighting and used its atomic breath to kill the flock, but Jet Jaguar was knocked off balance trying to avoid it and crashed into Godzilla's back, separating Yun, Jet Jaguar, and the Orthagonal Diagnolizer from each other. Yun made a dash for the Orthagonal Diagnolizer while parasitic Meganulon pursued him, but Godzilla's movements knocked it off the monster's back. Yun jumped off Godzilla and fell after it, successfully grabbing it as the time came to receive the code, but the message never came. Jet Jaguar caught Yun before he fell to his death, but crash landed and once again separated Yun from him and the Orthagonal Diagnolizer, and alerted Godzilla to Yun's presence. Godzilla prepared to fire its atomic breath at Yun, but the Orthagonal Diagnolizer released a code that made Jet Jaguar 100 meters tall. Jet Jaguar attacked Godzilla to save Yun and revealed the Orthagonal Diagnolizer had restored its memory and that it was a distant descendent of Pelops II and Jet Jaguar Yung, that he had been broadcasting ALAPU UPALA from within the song until he could confront the catastrophe, and that he was the code to the Orthogonal Diagonalizer. As Godzilla managed to blast its atomic breath through Jet Jaguar, he said his goodbyes to Yun and released the code, converting all of the red dust around the world into blue crystals. In the aftermath, Yun met back up with Haberu, and both traveled to a point overlooking the sea where they finally met Mei Kamino.


Concept art

Godzilla Singular Point


Godzilla Singular Point




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