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Godzilla Singular Point episodes
GSP E10 - Title.png
Series Godzilla Singular Point
Episode # 10
Directed by Geisei Morita, Takuma Suzuki, Atsushi Takahashi
Written by Toh EnJoe
Air date
  • May 27, 2021 (Netflix)JP
  • June 3, 2021 (television)
  • June 24, 2021 (Netflix)int'l
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"Encipher" (りきがくのげんり,   Rikigaku no Genri, lit. "Principles of Mechanics") is the tenth episode of Godzilla Singular Point. Directed by Daisuke Chiba, Takuma Suzuki, and Atsushi Takahashi, it debuted on the Japanese Netflix on May 27, 2021, and on Japanese television June 3.


The JSDF watches as a massive black Rodan flies threateningly towards Godzilla Terrestris, only to be shot down by a blue energy ring he fires from his mouth. Meanwhile, Haberu Kato and Yun Arikawa discuss the nature of Singular Points, places found across the planet that produce Red Dust and effectively make the logic of the world disappear. The Orthogonal Diagnolizer would help destroy the Red Dust but leave the Singular Points such as Godzilla, letting them grow and create a Catastrophe that would destroy the universe. Mei Kamino, who last contacted Yui four days ago and is known to him as Longhorn Beetle, informed Yun that a man named Michiyuki Ashihara had predicted all of this, and owned the mansion the pair had previously investigated. Once there, they find that Ashihara had hidden dates within the song "ALAPU UPALA" 50 years prior, with the help of Jet Jaguar's computing power. The mansion's crystal radio, they conclude, was receiving this song rather than transmitting it.

Prior to Li Guiying's death, she and Mei Kamino discussed the paradoxes of time travel. Li maintained that time travel would inevitably lead to the past or the future changing unless the traveler arrived in a universe with no time machine. This could be the problem with the SHIVA.consortium's Super Dimension Calculator, which calculates results and sends them back to the past, allowing someone to get results before the problem is entered. However, it would only cause problems if the information was understood. Mei questioned what would happen if the information sent to the past concerned "something that should exist but doesn't." In the present, Mei attempts to contact Yun from an Indian airport, but finds herself without reception, as the kaiju attacks have disrupted communications worldwide. She's also unable to find Bearach "BB" Byrne. A woman attempts to steal the robot Pelops II is inhabiting, but is tripped by BB's daughter Lina Byrne and retreats when Makita K. Nakagawa steps forward to confront her. Lina explains that she's here to pick up Mei as BB is preoccupied with his research. Having confirmed Mei's safe transport, Nakagawa leaves for the Japanese consulate in Kolkata, India, and says his goodbyes. Lina warns Mei that her father doesn't like people more intelligent than him, but clarifies that BB is in an overall better mood when he's angry. Meanwhile, Tilda Miller questions whether Salunga is attempting to reach SHIVA by land, with the monster unable to be tracked through the vast cave networks beneath the facility.

Japanese politicians demand Godzilla's destruction. Afterwards, Colonel Yoshiyasu Matsubara laments how the JSDF has consistently been a step behind the monster's evolution. Yun, Haberu, and Jet Jaguar Yung investigate the dates set out by Ashihara, finding one set matching the time Yun and Haberu was arrested for trying to break into Misakioku Radio Observatory. Others include the MD5 hash code for "solve it and find out", a code which Yun had given Mei as a quiz, and a point in time when Mei told him "it says so in the instructions" over the phone, causing Yun to realize the numbers revolve around them. Yun deduces that the codes are all MD5 hashes and could be solved using a super computer that used the dates as code. Jet Jaguar converts all of the MD5 hashes into dates and times, finding that the 256 dates all occur within a 41-day interval but are in the wrong order. It then confirms that almost all dates matched times when Yun and Mei were chatting, and Yun concludes that the chats need to be ordered the same way as the list.

In Tokyo, citizens left in the city evacuate as the JSDF prepares an operation to kill Godzilla. Meanwhile, Shunya Sato meets with Tsunetomo Yamamoto to share that Misakioku Radio Observatory was built over the remains of Ashihara's home village after a monster appeared from a red sea and destroyed it before being taken down. Since the attack took place during World War II, it was quickly forgotten by the public, but Ashihara located the bones of the monster and purchased the facility to keep them. He discovered that the skeleton emitted radio waves and began monitoring them. After his death, the efforts ceased, with a single manual remaining to explain how to handle the bones. Yamamoto questions whether Sato should continue digging into this, then receives a call that the alarm is going off again.

Yun and Haberu listen to the messages reordered by Ashihara's list, but neither can understand their meaning. Jet Jaguar informs the pair that two events weren't included, as one was Yun's phone call to Misakioku and the other wouldn't occur for another four days. Haberu realizes that Longhorn Beetle is Mei. As they put this together, the mansion's radio begins to play "ALAPU UPALA." At the same time, Mei hears the song on her ride to SHIVA, which Lina explains is a local lullaby about parting and coming back together in the ocean. They suddenly spot Red Dust over a nearby village, generated by Salunga as it routs local police and armored military vehicles. A SHIVA mercenary fires two Orthogonal Diagonalizer missiles under BB's supervision to impale and temporarily hold Salunga in place with solidified Red Dust. Lina arrives shortly after and reunites with her father, introducing him to Mei. In Tokyo, the JSDF's assault seemingly downs Godzilla Terrestris, only for him to recover as Godzilla Ultima. He uses a sustained blast of atomic breath to destroy attacking tanks and set the city ablaze.


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